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Test Drive: Monster Republic and Monsterette--Designer Kids' Clothes

Test Drive: Monster Republic and Monsterette--Designer Kids' Clothes


Monster Republic Designer Kids' Clothes

Test Driver Fox in his Monster Republic Tee

Monster Republic
Monster Republic is a hip line of boys' fashion based in LA. Their cracking design team takes inspiration from the edgy street wear in the city. They manage to be edgy, yet age appropriate, high style yet casual and oh-so fab. Now, they've introduced Monsterette, a like-minded line for girls that's just as cool and a bit more glam. Check 'em out.

Meet the Test Drivers

Monster Republic's Test Driver was 5-year old Fox. Fox Test Drove a Monster Republic Skater Tee and Monster Republic Cargo Shorts.

Monsterette's Test Driver was 6-year old Reese. Reese Test Drove the Monsterette Wonder Bunny Stripe Dress and the Monsterette Cat Power Rhinestone Top.

Love at First Site?

Monsterette Designer Kids' Clothes for Girls

Test Driver Reese in her Monsterette Dress

Both of the Test Drive Moms gave glowing reports on Monster Republic and Monsterette.

Fox's mom, a fashion designer herself, couldn't get over the quality of workmanship and the detailing on Fox's Monster Republic outfit. She said, "I am obsessed. As a designer and manufacturer I can really say this brand has it going on. Their eye for detail shows!"

Reese's moms said that Reese's Monsterette items were "fun and funky," and "definitely for a little diva."


Because I was so impressed with both the Monster Republic and Monsterette designs, I asked the Test Drive moms how Monster Republic and Monsterette designer kids' clothes compare to mall brands.

Fox's mom said, "Head and shoulders coolers. Monster scares the pants off the mall brands."

Reese's mom said that she wouldn't expect to see something like it in the mall, but rather at nice kids' boutiques and specialty shops.

The Comfort Report

Monster Republic Designer Kids' Clothes

Test Driver Fox in his Monster Republic Tee and Shorts

Monster Republic
Even uber-cool kids need to be comfy when sporting designer duds. What did my Test Drivers think about their new fashions?

Fox was comfy in his Monster Republic outfit. When asked what he thought about it, he said, "RAWR!"

Reese's mom said, "Very comfortable, nice Lycra content allows her to play hard and look good doing it. And, they were easy to get on and off, she had no problems dressing/undressing."
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