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Test Drive: Monkey Toes Toddler Shoes and Kids' Shoes

Test Drive: Monkey-Toes Toddler Shoes and Kids' Shoes


Monkey-Toes MJs-Flutterflies

Monkey-Toes MJs-Flutterflies


Price Points

Monkey-Toes shoes run between $31 and $35 dollars. Ellie's mom thinks that is a fair price. As stated before, the shoes are basic in construction, but the hand-painted designs push the value of the shoes up considerably. The painting is well done and the character designs are much more stylish than your average character shoes. Ellie's mom would absolutely pay that price for these adorable shoes.

The Low Down

Monkey-Toes MJs-Spider

Monkey-Toes MJs-Spider

These shoes are undeniably cute. Both parents and kids find the look of the shoe to be irresistible. The shoes lack the advanced comfort features of some high-end toddler shoes, but they are certainly comfortable enough for schools, shopping, parties and low-activity events.

The handiwork is well done and the designs are stylish and age appropriate for babies, toddlers and even young school-aged kids. They are certainly head turners and will cause passersby to take a second look.
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