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Test Drive: Inky Dink Kids' Tees

Test Drive: Inky Dink Designer Kids' Tees


Inky Dink Designer Kids' Tees

Test Driver Brandon in his Inky Dink Tee

Inky Dink
Inky Dink is a line of designer kids' tees for kids who are too cool for the your basic, everyday logo tee. If your kid is too stylish for Elmo, too exciting for stripes, too funky for princess tees, than your kid will love Inky Dink (oh and I think you will too). Inky Dink is cool, cool enough for some of America's funkiest kids like the Jolie-Pitt brood.

Meet the Test Driver

Inky Dink's Test Driver was 7-year old Brandon. Brandon Test Drove 3 Inky Dink Designer Tees. What did Brandon think of his new tees?

Style File

Inky Dink Designer Kids' Tees

Test Driver Brandon in his Inky Dink Tee

Inky Dink
Both Brandon and his mom were excited over the Inky Dink tees. Neither of them were familiar with the line, but they both dug the edgy graphics of these tees.

Inky Dinky designer kids' tees are designed for kids who are tired of the same-old mall tees. Brandon got to Test Drive three of their fun and funky tees and he definitely thought they were cooler than your average mall tee. His mom said that he loved the Inky Dink logo on the sleeves of the tees saying, "I can tell he feels confident while wearing the tees. He loves that the tees say Inky Dink on the sleeve. He showed all his friends his cool shirts.

Age Appropriate

Inky Dink's kids' tees shun conventional graphics and feature edgy, funky graphics that you rarely see on mall-brand tees. However, they don't push the boundaries too far. Most parents will find the tee to be age-appropriate for kids.

Both Brandon and his mom felt that his Inky Dinky tee weren't only age-appropriate but rock-awesome.

The Comfort Report

Inky Dink Designer Kids' Tees

Test Driver Brandon in his Inky Dink Tee

Inky Dink
Brandon's mom said, "I think they are the softest tees I have ever felt. Very comfortable and they seem to get more comfy with each wash."
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