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Test Drive: Back to School Kids' Backpacks by ful

Test Drive: Back to School Kids' Backpacks by ful


ful Kids' Backpacks (Heart Breaker)

Test Driver Jackson with his ful Backpack

For Back to School one of the most important purchases is the backpack. Kids' backpacks come in all sorts of sizes, styles and colors. It's important when purchasing backpacks for kids to find the right balance between the size that fits their backs and the size that fits all their stuff.

ful has bags for kids and adults. Because they were originally designed for on-the-road musicians, they have an edgy, urban look to them and are designed to stand up to lots of travel.

Meet the Test Drivers

6-year-old Reese and 10-year-old Ashton each Test Drove a ful backpack. Well, actually Reese's 7-year-old brother Jackson hijacked her backpack.

The Bags
  • Jackson Test Drove the ful Heart Breaker: 18.25in x 12.75in x 8.5in
  • Ashton Test Drove the ful Tennman: 18.75 in. x 12.75 in. x 8 in

Where to Buy?

The Specs

ful Kids' Backpacks (Tennman)

Test Driver Jackson and his ful Backpack

Jackson's Heart Breaker backpack was full of all the bells and whistles a busy kid needs to keep all his gear organized. It features dual compartments, a signature "Quick Pouch" on the front, and organizer pocket, side pouches for water bottles and more. It is a good sized backpack for a grade schooler who lugs books, homework, shoes and more.

Ashton's Tennman backpack is even more loaded with a fully padded laptop compartment, three compartments, ful's signature "Quick Pouch" and a dual-compartments organizer pocket. This bag is good for grade schoolers through high schoolers who carry a laptop as well as gear and books.


As I said, the Heart Breaker backpack was actually sent to Jackson's sister Reese. She, a lover of pink and purple, felt that the bag was boyish. ful does have a full range of pink, purple and other girl approved colors, so fear not girls. Jackson, however, was more than happy to swoop up the ful backpack and has already decided what Back to School items he'll put in what pockets.

Ashton was way excited to get his ful backpack. He loves all compartments and pockets. His mom was equally impressed; she said, "This backpack is incredible!"

The Comfort Report

ful Heart Breaker in Purple

ful Heart Breaker in Purple

Both of the ful backpacks feature plenty of padding for added comfort.

Jackson's mom said, "The padding on the straps and back is great, and will surely be comfortable when carrying lots of books."

Aston's mom reports, "It has support straps in on the backpack straps so once it's on the child, you can hook those for more stability. There is a reflective panel and the part that sits against the child's back is padded with air flow chambers."
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