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Test Drive: Disney Backpacks and School Gear: Kids' Backpacks

Test Drive: Disney Backpacks and School Supplies: Toddler Backpacks


Disney Backpacks: Toddler Backpacks

Test Driver Kailey with her Pooh Backpack

Disney Stores
For preschoolers and kindergartners, kid-friendly designes are, of course, necessary. At this age, kids want a toddler backpack with in-your-face graphics, especially if the graphics feature their favorite cartoon characters. And what preschooler doesn't love Disney backpacks?

Meet The Test Drivers

Preschooler Miles and soon-to-be-Kindergartner Kailey Test Drove an assortment of Disney backpacks and school supplies.

Kailey Test Drove Two Girls' Backpacks and School Supplies Miles Test Drove Three Boys' Backpacks and School Supplies
Disney Backpacks are available in Disney Stores across America as well as at disneyshopping.com.

First Impressions

Disney Backpacks: Toddler Backpacks

Test Driver Logan with his Wall E Backpack

Disney Stores
Kailey and Miles are both admitted Disney fans. They were both very excited to receive their Test Drive Boxes from Disney. According to Miles's mom, Miles was jumping up and down with excitement and immediately tried the Wall-E backpack on, which is his favorite of the three Disney backpacks.

Kailey was also excited to get her box in the mail. She received a My Friends Tigger and Pooh Backpack as well as a Minnie Mouse Backpack. She said she likes the Pooh Backpack better because the Minnie Mouse Backpack has 3-D bows, a feature liked by many little girls, but Kailey was afraid to bend the bows and ruin the look of her new Disney backpack.

Moms' Impressions of the Disney Backpacks

Miles's mom loved the size of the Disney Backpacks, stating that they weren't as tiny as some toddler backpacks, but still small enough to fit well on the backs of preschoolers and Kindergartners. A good fit helps kids enjoy using and carrying their backpacks, not only because a good fit ensures comfort, but it gives them a sense of ownership, as if the bag was made especially for them.

Kailey's mom said that the Disney backpacks seemed durable and easy to clean and care for which is something moms always appreciate.

The Age Factor

Disney Backpacks: Toddler Backpacks

Personalized Mickey Mouse Backpack

Disney Stores
Both of the Test Drivers thought that their new backpacks were cool for school and ideal for their age. Both of the moms noted that the weight, size and style of the Disney backpacks are perfect for older preschoolers and Kindergarteners. Older student, however, will find the Disney backpacks too small and too young for their tastes.
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