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Test Drive: Baby Banz Kids' Sunglasses and Hats

Test Drive: Baby Banz Kids' Sunglasses and Hats


Baby Banz Kids' Sunglasses and Hats

Test Driver Sawyer in his Jbanz and Sun Hat by Baby Banz

Baby Banz
These super-cool, no-slip kids' sunglasses for toddlers and big kids are fantastic. Kids love to wear these sunglasses that actually fit little faces and stay-put. Now your little ones can jump waves, build sandcastles, run around the yard, and bebop around town in their favorite sunnies made just for them.

Meet the Test Drivers

Baby Banz has 4 Test Drivers:
  • 5 year old Sawyer Test Drove: Blue Jbanz and Sun Hat
  • 5 year old Lucy Test Drove: Pink Jbanz and Sun Hat
  • 3 year old Sarah Test Drove: Kidz Banz and Hat Combo in Pink and Green Floral
  • 2 year old Elijah Test Drove: Kidz Banz Combo Set in Little Hunter Camo


Baby Banz Sunhat

Test Driver Sarah in her Baby Banz Sunhat

None of my four Test Drivers had ever tried Baby Banz kids' sunglasses or sunhats before. I asked each of the Test Drive Moms what they and the kids thought of their Test Drive products from Baby Banz.

Sarah's Mom said that she likes the idea of the strap sunglasses. The hat was a big hit because it had a bigger brim than most kids' sunhats and since Sarah spends a lot of time at the beach, this is a handy feature for her.

Lucy's mom said she loves the Baby Banz kids' sunglasses because they are so practical for kids on the go.

Elijah's mom said that she thought the Baby Banz kids' sunglasses were a fantastic idea. But Elijah was more impressed with the sunhat.

Sawyer's mom also thought that the Baby Banz were a cool idea. She loved the color Sawyer got, saying the blue was pretty. Sawyer's brother and sister said they each want a pair as well.

Comfort Report

Sarah's mom said that she and Sarah have been using the Baby Banz sunhat a lot because the adjustable fit makes it the perfect-fitting hat for any kids. She said it's comfortable for Sarah to wear all day long at the beach.

Lucy's mom said that Lucy loves her Baby Banz sunglasses. They are light and comfortable to wear and they stay on well.

Elijah's mom said that Elijah refuses to try on his sunglasses so she couldn't report on the comfort of them. She said that he isn't used to wearing them and she wishes she would have tried them earlier when he would have been more flexible with trying new things. The sunhat, however, he loves and his mom says it is very comfortable to wear because of the lightweight material and the velcro fit-adjuster.

Sawyer's mom reported, "They are such nice glasses. They fit his face well, and I love the bag to store them and the strap that attaches to the glasses to keep him from losing them. They really protect his eyes from the sun and he thinks they are really comfortable."

Baby Banz Sunglasses Report

Baby Banz Sunhat

Test Driver Elijah in his Baby Banz Sunhat

Baby Banz Sunhat
Both Lucy and Sawyer have been wearing their sunglasses to play outside and both of their moms reported that the Baby Banz sunglasses stay put really well.

Lucy's mom said, "The strap that came with the sunglasses is great and prevents her from losing her sunglasses and me from carrying them around. The dark lenses are great. Others she has had have had a very light tint."

Sawyer's mom added, "He does wear sunglasses and a lot of times they look too small for his face, and these don't. They fit his face perfectly."

Elijah's mom said, "If Elijah were to given these a chance I think they would stay put great. The neoprene head band reduces slippage and absorbs sweat. It is quite flexible and also adjustable to fit various head shapes and sizes which is important."
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