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Kids' Fashion Test Drive: Masala Baby--Baby and Kids' Clothes

Kids' Fashion Test Drive: Masala Baby


Test Driver Gabriel in his Masala Baby Tunic: Masala Baby Kids' Clothes

Test Driver Gabriel in his Masala Baby Tunic

Masala Baby
Look East and get fashionable with Masala Baby, a new line of Indian inspired baby and kids' clothes. Masala Baby sets themselves apart with their modern, urban renditions of classic Indian styles. They stay true to their spicy, signature color palette of saffron, clove brown, raani pink and turmeric yellow. They create their designs by gaining inspiration from "Indian roots; delicious curries, authentic spices, Bollywood movies, beautiful marigold flowers, traditional Indian roses, pink stone architecture, colors of the chaotic bazaars."

Let's check them out and see what my trusty little Test Drivers had to say:

Meet the Test Drivers

Masala Baby had two Test Drivers:
  • 3 Year Old Gabriel Test Drove a Masala Baby Tunic Tee
  • 1 Year Old Audrey Test Drove a Masala Baby Skirt

The Style File

Test Driver Audrey in her Masala Baby Skirt: Masala Baby Kids' Clothes

Test Driver Audrey in her Masala Baby Skirt

Masala Baby
First I'm going to give my opinion (it's my site, I'm allowed.) I see a lot of kids' fashion lines come and go, most of them are nice, some are pretty good and very few are great. This one is pretty great. I love their dedication to their vision and style. They some how found that perfect balance between looking East for inspiration, yet making clothing that is wearable, fashionable and stylish without looking costume-like. I also applaud them for choosing a signature color palette that works well and sticking to it. Now let's see what the Test Drive kids and their moms had to say:

Audrey's mom loved the bright pink, crinkled skirt she received. The skirt even had an adorable boarder, embellished with a camel pattern. Audrey's mom said, "It is very fashionable. It has a folksy, ethnic look -- very unique, very stylish, very flouncy."

Gabriel's mom said that she was more happy with the quality of the shirt than with the style. She said she wasn't a fan of the brown color and would have liked to see more detail in the design.

The Comfort Report

I'm a stickler for comfort when it comes to kids' clothes; the most adorable outfit in the world isn't worth dressing your kid in if she'll just be uncomfortable all day. Let's see how Masala Baby's clothes ranked in the Comfort Report:

Gabriel's mom reported that she thought that the shirt was soft and comfortable. 3-year old Gabriel had no complaints on the the comfort of the shirt or the texture of the fabric. So, it's a 2 thumbs up from this Test Drive team.

Audrey's mom was also happy with comfort factor for Audrey's Masala Baby skirt.

Quality Check

Tunics by Masala Baby: Masala Baby Kids' Clothes

Tunics by Masala Baby

Masala Baby
For me, the Quality Check is second in importance only to the Comfort Report. Everyone has their own opinions on fashion and style, but quality is quality. What did my Test Drive kids and moms have to say about the quality of Masala Baby's items?

Audrey's mom said that the skirt was "very nice." She especially liked the built in bloomer underneath, perfect for a new walker still in diapers. She also said that it's nicer than anything she's seen in her local mall.

Gabriel's mom was extremely happy with the quality, stating that the fabric was "amazing" and nice and thick.
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