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Store Review: Axl's Closet

Store Review: Axl's Closet


Top Picks: Toddler Girls

  • Ella Moss Hunter Poncho--Little Red Riding Hood's got nothing on this adorable poncho for girls. I love this modern, stylish poncho and so will your favorite girl.
  • Munster Hoot Dress--I can't resist this dress. And I can't resist saying..this dress is a HOOT!
  • Gypsy05 Milan Dress--This is such a sophisticated dress, guaranteed to make any fashionista swoon.

The Extras

Axl's Closet is committed to excellent customer service.
  • No questions asked, unlimited return policy
  • All items in the online catalog are ready ship (unlike many online stores who don't hold their own stock)
  • Free shipping on all orders of $75
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