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Store Review: Axl's Closet

Store Review: Axl's Closet


Axl's Closet carries both girls' and boys' fashion, but their forte lies in providing a huge selection of cool-as-cool boys' clothes. I know, cool boys' clothes are hard to find, so it's amazing to find an online store that has such a great variety of boys' fashion all in one place. Axl's Closet carries everything from swimwear to snowboarding gear and everything in between.

But have no fear, parents to girls, they still have all the hottest girls' brands too so you and your fashionista can shop till you drop.

The Store

Shop the Site: Axl's Closet

Right off the bat, it's plain to see that Axl's Closet has an absolutely huge selection for boys and girls. They have everything from basic tees to ski and snowboarding gear. And their available sizes range from tiny baby to size 16 youth.

The site is easy to navigate, has pleasing graphics and is very user friendly.

What really sets Axl's Closet apart from many online kids' fashion stores, is the selection of brands. From hard-to-find boutique brands, to must-have, globally recognized, power brands, they carry it all. The only criteria? It must look cool and it must appeal to kids. So lucky, you they've taken the guess work and the hard work out of finding cool kids' clothes.

Popular Brands include:
  • Appaman
  • Canada Goose
  • Knuckleheads
  • Munster
  • Native
  • Orage
  • Out of Print
  • Rowdy Sprout
  • Skullcandy
  • The North Face
  • and many more

My Top Picks: Toddler Boys

Store Review: Axl's Closet

Munster Eatme Hoodie

Axl's Closet
I scoured the site to find my favorite kids' fashion items available this season for toddler boys, boys, toddler girls and girls.
  • Munster Eatme Hoodie--So adorable! What little boy wouldn't love a hoodie emblazoned with a ready-to-chomp, monster mouth?
  • Volcom Ninja Hoodie--Another super-cool hoodie! This time featuring a kick-butt ninja. Eeeeyow!
  • Rowdy Sprouts John Lennon T Shirt--All you need is love...and a super retro tee. If you have a little music fan on your hands, he's got to have this super tee by Rowdy Sprouts.

My Top Picks: Kid Boys

Top Picks: Toddler Girls

Store Review: Axl's Closet

Mini Shatsu New Acoustic Guitar Dress

Axl's Closet
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