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Nohi Kids: Affordable and Comfortable Designer Styles for Kids

Setting the Scene


Test Driver Gracie in her Nohi Kids Dress for Girls

Test Driver Gracie in her Nohi Kids Dress for Girls

Heather Knoske
Nohi Kids is a new kids' fashion line that balances style and comfort easily. Their kids clothes are made from a soft jersey fabric that is made from a blend of certified organic cotton, bamboo and a hint of spandex for stretch, fit and comfort. The vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics of Nohi Kids fashions, appeal to both kids and adults. Nohi Kids sent a dress to one of my trusty Test Drivers to review. Let's see what my Test Driver, 3-year old Gracie, and her mom thought of her new Nohi Kids dress.

First Impressions

Gracie loves clothes, especially dress. However, she's also rather opinionated and has no problem letting everyone around her know what she likes and what she doesn't. But she was thrilled with the look of this dress. It hit all the girly, ohhh-and-ahhh buttons; bright colors, cool graphics and super-soft fabric. She couldn't wait to wear it.

Both Gracie's mom and I really liked the look and the feel of this dress as well. The fabric really is soft and as cozy as a great pair of pajamas. The peacock graphic is modern, playful and girly to boot. And the teal color is richly saturated and looks amazing with the vibrant, pink waistband. So far, thumbs up from Gracie, Mom and me.

The Assortment

Nohi Organic Baby Pants

Nohi Organic Baby Pants

Nohi Kids
On their website, Nohi Kids has a selection of baby, girls' and boys' clothes. They have a few signature graphic designs featuring the peacock design as well as a fabulous graphics of apples, owls, guitars and robots.

For boys, the tees are cute and different than typical boys' graphic tees. And the organic baby pants and really adorable and definitely worth a look.

For girls, my favorite is the featured dress as well as a similar one with a balloon graphic. I also like the girls' graphic tees, especially the apple tee. A few skirts and leggings are also available on the site, but not a lot. Their strengths seem to lie in tees and jersey dresses.

Good for You. Good for Kids. Good for the Globe

What sets Nohi Kids apart from many of the small, designer kids fashions is that they make all of their kids' clothes from their signature fabric which is largely made up of certified organic cotton and sustainable bamboo. This not only creates a comfortable, hard-wearing fabric, but one that you can feel good about buying. They use only low-impact inks that are water based to ensure that all of their kids' clothes are lead free.

Why buy organic?
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Quality Check

Nohi Kids Long-Sleeved Apple Tee

Nohi Kids Long-Sleeved Apple Tee

Nohi Kids
Gracie's mom reported that the dress was well constructed and was more substantial than department store cotton, jersey dresses for girls. She was also happy with how well the dress washed up, saying that it didn't shrink, the color didn't fade and the graphic didn't start to peel.
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