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Kids' Fashion Test Drive: ZB's Children's Clothing

Kids' Fashion Test Drive: ZB's Children's Clothing


ZB's Children's Clothing Convertible Pants

Test Driver Ava in her ZB's Children's Clothing Convertible Pants

Photo courtesy of Ava's Mom
ZB's Children's Clothing is a mom-invented design of 4-in-1 pants for kids. These pants can be transformed from shorts, to long shorts/capris, to long pants, and even to grow-with-me extended length pants. This not only gives kids lots of style options, but it also extends the useful life of their pants. For fun, they've also made these pants semi-customizable by offering interchangeable legs and cuffs to add a bit of pop to your kid's wardrobe.

Introducing ZB's Children's Clothing

ZB's Children's Clothing sent Test Driver Ava a pair to try out and review. What did Ava and her mom think? Read on to find out.

Ava's First Impressions

What was Ava's overall impressions of her new pants?

Ava's mom said, "Ava loved them. She thought these were the greatest since she herself could make them into shorts (without any help). She also loved the color purple since they match her glasses."

Concept a Keeper?

I asked Ava's mom what she thought of the concept of ZB's Children's Clothing's 4-in-1 pants design. She said, "I did like the concept of the pants. Especially living in a state like Ohio, that has extreme weather changes within the same day.

The Fit Report

How did Ava's mom feel the pants fit compared to other pants of the same tag size?

Mom said, "Ava did not complain about the size. However, I noticed they were a little snug around the hips. She was able to run/climb without restriction. The length of the pants were really long. We could only wear them as knee length shorts."
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