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Back to School Test Drive: St. Eve Cozy

Meet the Test Drivers


Test Driver Sydney in her St. Eve Cozy

Test Driver Sydney in her St. Eve Cozy

St. Eve Cozy
Cozy up the fall and winter with a St. Eve Cozy. This super-soft, wearable blanket keeps kids cozy and warm while watching TV, reading a book or even doing their homework. Make everyday activities a chance to snuggle up and get cozy.

St. Eve Cozy had 3, grade-school Test Drivers:
  • Sydney
  • Hadleigh
  • Marissa

What did they think of their St. Eve Cozys?

Softness Test

The most important feature of a fleece blanket has to be softness. If it's not soft, who'd want to cozy up with it? All three Test Drivers and their moms thought that the St. Eve Cozy was very soft and, well, cozy.

Sydney's described her new Cozy by saying, "It's soft and warm."

Hadleigh's mom said, "It's SO comfortable and SO soft! We actually have the brand name Snuggie, and this beats it by far!"

Marissa's mom also comment on how soft the St. Eve Cozy was and described it as, "very, very soft."

Comfort Report

Again, all three Test Drivers and their moms agreed that the St. Eve Cozy was comfy and convenient to use.

Sydney's mom said, "Very comfortable. The sleeves were just the right length for Sydney. We have another snuggy-type product made for kids and the sleeves are so long she can't use her arms (which is the whole point of a blanket with sleeves). These sleeves are just the right length for her."

Hadleigh's mom agreed saying, "It's very practical and during those chilly winter days/nights or even spring and fall evenings that are chilly, it comes in very handy and makes her very warm and comfortable."

And Marissa's mom reported, "She uses it All.The.Time. She's always reaching for it or dragging it around the house. Yes it's practical because it's not bulky."

The Wash Up

Kids' blankets get lots of use and therefore tend to gather dust and dirt (and a few bits of chips and pizza too.) How did the St. Eve Cozy wash up?

Sydney's mom reported that Sydney's St. Eve Cozy washed up well with no problems.
Hadleigh's mom said, "It washed up beautifully!"

Marissa's mom said, "The Cozy washed very well, held up in 2 washings and 2 dryings."

Overall Impressions

I asked each of the Test Drive Moms to email me a sentence or two about their overall impressions of the St. Eve Cozy.

Sydney's mom wrote, "It was nice and soft. The fabric is fleece so it's pretty durable."

Hadleigh's mom said, "The quality is AMAZING! The seams and binding are so strong and you can tell that thought was put into the construction of this blanket. I would say this is for any child that can wear it sitting on the couch (3-4) and if wearing it, you must be tall enough (between 6 and 8 depending on height) on up to teenager if it fits. I have used it myself while sitting on the couch."

Marissa's mom wrote, "I like that it's lightweight and she can easily carry it. It's a little long for her though so if she's walking with it on, she has to hike it up to avoid tripping. She loves it. She asks for it always and says it's her 'favorite blankie.'"
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