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BonoboYs Kids' Line: Stylish Boys' Clothes--Just Like Dad's

Coordinating Son and Dad Clothes by BonoboYs


Bonobos and BonoboYs Coordinating Looks for Dad and Son

Bonobos and BonoboYs Coordinating Looks for Dad and Son

Get your little dude styling, just like dad. Bonobos, a popular line of men's casual wear introduces a line for boys, BonoboYs. Now your favorite boy can rock a pair of Bonobos' famous chinos and look gosh darn adorable to boot. I had 2 year-old Landon and his dad test them out and see what they thought.

The Intro
Buy Direct: bonobos.com
BonoboYs offers chinos and polos, that are just like dad's only pint-sized, so they are sure to fit well and look great--no baby chino here! Both Landon and Dad (and Mommy too) loved the fit of the chinos. Mom even wrote, "Very stylish. The cut of the pants is very fitting to both son and dad's pants. Dad wore them to work the day he opened the package."

The Fit Report
These little boy chinos have a sleek, flat-front design and an interior fit-adjust waistband so they look great and fit great. Mom said, "The pants were a perfect fit on son and Dad, which helped make them comfortable. The child's pants had an expandable waistline which helped aide in the comfort level by preventing the need for a belt on a skinny two year old boy."

The Wash-Up
The BonoboYs chinos come pre-washed so it was no surprise to me to hear from Landon's mom that the chinos wash up perfectly with little to no color loss or shrinkage. She also reported that the both the boys' and men's polos washed up well too.

Get Fit
Mom reported that the both the boys' clothes and the men's clothes fit true to the tag size and she does not recommend sizing up or down.

The Price is Right?
Mom said the price points are just right and well worth it. When I asked her if she'd recommend Bonobos and BonoboYs, she responded, "definitely!"

There's Got to be a Con!
So it seems the BonoboYs collection was a hit with Landon and his family, but there's got to be a con, right? Well there is, but only a little one--a small selection for boys. Currently, for boys, there are only 2 color choices for chinos and 2 polos. Lucky for dads, they have a huge selection to choose from.

Want 'Em?

Buy Direct: bonobos.com
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