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Back-to-School Test Drive: Shaun White Backpack


Test Driver Drew in his Shaun White Smooth Tech Geo Blaster Backpack

Photo courtesy of Drew's mom
Shaun White Apparel, a boys' clothing and accessories line marked by edgy graphics and trendy details, is now offering backpacks with the same hip styling. Designed by X Games legend and Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White and his brother Jesse, the affordable collection brings board culture style to Target.

The Gear:

The backpack retails for $44.99. The quality of construction is impressive, with extensive padding and attention to organizational details. It measures 21 x 14 x 7 inches and features a full support quilted back panel and adjustable straps.

Well-considered organizational features include:

  • internal organizer
  • elastic water bottle pocket
  • lined sunglasses pocket
  • lined and padded laptop pocket

Buy Direct at Target

For this Test Drive, Twelve-year-old Wiley tried out the red and black Shaun White Smooth Tech Geo Blaster Backpack and shared his thoughts.

Wiley's Review:

The Look:

The look and size of this backpack is ideal for ages eight to 10.

The Size:

It can fit three to four large books and a laptop, which is more than most elementary school kids would be carrying.

The Stuff:

My school load consists of: a full binder, one to two folders, three to five notebooks, and a lunchbox. The backpack would fit all of this.

The Quality:

It would stand up to regular use because of the reinforced base and extra padding.

The Value:

I would not pay $49.99 for this backpack because of its unusual style, which would be more appealing to kids eight to ten.

The Cleaning:

It would hold up to soils and spills because it hides dirt.

Wiley is taller and has broader shoulders than the average twelve-year-old, and found the span between the back straps to be too small for his build. He also thought that the style would be better suited for his nine-year-old neighbor, Drew, a skateboarder who is into Shaun White.

Wiley thoughtfully passed the backpack along, and Drew loves it.

All prices US$. Buy Direct at Target

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