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The Best Outerwear Looks for Girls

Hot Looks for Chilly Weather


Quilted Vest

Quilted Vest

Photography by M. Kouzmine
What outwear should you be searching for this Back to School season? This year, outerwear is all about texture and layers. Think plush, snuggly fabrics and knits and lots of them. You girl will look great in these hot trends for the chilly season.


Again this year, outerwear vests are a big story. They are excellent layering pieces, and are as fun and they are practical. Despite the fact that arms are exposed, vests are quite effective at keeping kids warm, especially when they are paired with knitwear tops and sweaters. Quilted vests are probably the most popular; however, we are seeing a surge of outerwear vests made from great alternative fabrics such as shearling and faux fur.


To the delight of everyone who grew up in the 80s, earmuffs are back! Get the fuzziest, fullest ones you can find for a quirky, fun girls’ look. Earmuffs are great for the girl who refuses to wear a hat, and they are kinder to hairdos. For anyone who has tried to pull a hat over top of a little girl’s piggy tails, earmuffs are a welcomed trend.


This year’s knitwear frenzy means that girls are forgoing traditional jackets for layers of knitwear. The look is cozy and adorable. Knitwear shrugs, ponchos, sweater caplets and even thick knitwear sweaters are keeping kids warm sans jackets. Look for knitwear with interesting patterns and great fall colors. Especially fun are hooded ponchos or matching knitwear shrug and hat sets.

Look ahead, and don’t forget about the hats and gloves. This year’s best hats and gloves are made from chunky, funky knits. For hats, pom-poms are fun and fashionable, and best of all girls love them. Go for mittens this year rather than fingered gloves. Mittens allow the knit to be thicker, keeping in with the chunky-trend. Also, they keep little fingers warmer and are easier to put on small girls. For a fun and functional alternative, look for gloves with a buttoned flap that convert fingerless gloves into mittens.

Faux Fur

Faux fur is so much fun and so cute on girls. Funky animal prints look wildly delightful on girls this season. Look for leopard, tiger and even zebra prints. Another great look for girls this year is faux fur trimming in super-fun colors; think completely unnatural fur colors such as pink, purple and even orange.

Floral Embroidery

Though the flowers in the garden are surrendering to the cold weather, they are blooming on girls’ outerwear. Floral embroidery is popping up all over this season, including on coats, jackets, vest and other outerwear. This trend looks especially great on faux shearling. Look for interesting floral embroidery accents in muted jewel tones or warm autumn tones for a fresh, feminine look.
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