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The Best Looks in Boys’ Outerwear

Layer on the Warmth


Layered Outerwear

Layered Outerwear by Zara

Layer it on! This season, boys look warm and hip in lots and lots of layers. Skip the traditional single jacket look this year, and go for a more interesting look. Knitwear and quilted fabrics keep your boy in style and look extra comfortable and warm from fall all the way into winter.


Boys look so cozy in this year’s chunky knit fashions. Look for matching cap and sweater sets. Build up layers with knit scarves, mittens and cardigans. Cable knits are big as well as Nordic inspired patterns. Look for knits in either warm autumn colors such as garnet, browns and beiges, or muted ones like flannel grey and rainy-day blue.

Quilted Vests

Quilted vests are great pieces for keeping an active boy warm. They hug the chest, keeping in lots of body heat, but unlike sleeved jackets, they allow for maximum freedom and flexibility. Boys love them. Pair them up with a warm flannel shirt or a wool knitted sweater. Down filled vests are the warmest, but polyester filled ones are more affordable and still quite warm.

Sherpa Lined Jackets

The trendiest boys jackets for autumn will be sherpa lined ones. Nothing feels more snugly than this soft fabric. Incidentally, it looks great too. Look for a weathered, dirty-washed jean jacket, a wide-wale corduroy jacket, or even a leather coat lined with natural colored sherpa.

Casual Blazers

Loose fitting blazers are wonderful this season, if not a bit quirky. Blazers made from corduroy, velvet and other high-textured fabrics are excellent layering pieces. It’s best to stick with traditional, dark colors such as chocolate brown, dark grey or black when buying a blazer for outerwear. For an updated look, dress your boy in a casual blazer paired with a hooded sweatshirt.

Hooded Pullovers

When it’s not cold enough for a coat, hooded pullovers keep a boy warm when it’s just a bit brisk. Boys love bold appliqués and graphic prints. The most popular pullovers feature logos from popular chain stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Gap. A hooded pullover paired with a denim, corduroy or flannel jacket is one of the best looks this season.

A Multitude of Layers – Putting it all Together

The great thing about this trend is that you can layer almost anything together and it will look great. Here are some excellent layered looks:
  • Hooded sweatshirt under a blazer, vest or jacket
  • Corduroy jacket with a sweater, cap, scarf and mitten set
  • Quilted vest with a thick flannel shirt and a long-sleeved T-shirt
  • Fleece pullover under an open jean jacket
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