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Top 10 Jeans for Toddler Boys


Jeans, your boy practically lives in them right? Boys' jeans are always in style, practical and best of all they match everything in his closet. But not all jeans are created equally; I’ve searched high and low for the best toddler boys’ jeans out there.

1. Baby Gap's Original Fit Jeans

The secret to keeping these jeans comfortable yet stylish is the hidden elastic, adjustable waistband. The adjustable waist makes them perfect for growing tots. Buy them long and cuff them, as he grows, let the waist out bit by bit. He’ll get more wear out of these jeans than anything else in his wardrobe.

2. Oshkosh Denim Carpenter Overalls

Every toddler boy should own a pair of Oshkosh Overalls. These come with the fun features you remember from your own childhood such as a hammer loop, a ruler pocket, a bib pocket and even more pockets to stuff full of found treasures. Overalls are great grow-with-me pants because of their adjustable shoulder straps and roomy fit around the waist.
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3. Lee Toddler Boy's Double Knee Loose Fit Jeans

He may be little, but he sure is busy. These jeans are perfect for active little guys. These toddler jeans by Lee feature a loose fit to allow lots of room for busy little legs. And, the knee is double reinforced so he can crawl, roll, fall and skid across the floor without putting a hole in his new pants.
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4. L.L. Bean’s Double L Jeans, Lined

These are the best toddler boys’ jeans for the coldest weather. Take a pair of traditional 5-pocket jeans and line them with L.L. Bean’s softest, warmest, cotton flannel and you get the Double L Jeans. These are the trousers to keep your little boy warm indoors and out all winter long. You’ll love how great they look, and he’ll love how soft they are. For a great winter look, buy them a bit long so you can cuff them and let the plaid flannel show.

5. Gap’s Easy Fit Pull-On Jeans

These jeans, available in sizes 12mo-5years, are the perfect for boys who are potty trained but still have trouble manipulating zippers and buttons. These jeans have that traditional zip-and-button look, but have a fantastic, no-bunch elastic band to make pulling jeans up and down a breeze for little guys.

6. Toddler Boys’ Genuine Kids from OshKosh Denim Jeans - Dark Wash

These dark wash, classic-fit jeans are stylish and affordable. Extra detailing such as contrasting stitching and double belt loops give these jeans a look that is interesting, but still all-boy.
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7. Ralph Lauren Jeans

Here are a classic pair of 5 pocket jeans for your classic cutie. They have a nice dark wash that can dress up or dress down.

8. Ecko Little Boys "Lay Up" Jean

These Ecko jeans are sure to be a hit with those of you following the current logo-craze. These dark-wash jeans with slight fading showcase a big "Ombre" logo applique along the side of the leg, a logo tag on the coin pocket, a logo tag on the front hem, a logo patch on the back pocket and yet another logo patch on the back waistband. Whew! That's a lot of logos, but if that's still not enough for you, a matching logo shirt is also available.

9. Old Navy Special Edition Worker Jeans for Baby

What an adorable pair of jeans for your adorable little guy. These jeans are ideal for achieving that vintage casual look. The toddler sizes feature an adjustable waistband for a superior fit.

10. True Religion Jeans for Kids

For the boy who has anything and everything, these premium denim jeans for tots are out-of-this-world cool and just as expensive. These jeans are made from the same high quality denim as the adult True Religion jeans that are popular with celebrities. And, they have the same ultra-hip features like twisted seams, over-sized buttons, contrast stitching, and large rear back pockets with horseshoe stitching and flaps.
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