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The Ride In Style Look

Surf and Skating Fashions for Boys


Who says he has to give up his favorite surfer and skater styles once school is back in session? Nonsense! He can rock his Ride In Style Look even in the colder months. The key is to buy casual clothes from the hottest surfer and skater brands, and layer them on.

What He'll Need for the Look

Surf and Skate Branded Logo Wear

Billabong Boys Everlasting Tee

The key element to this look is to wear logos or other branded items from big-name labels in the skating and surfing world. Some brands to look for include:

  • Billabong Boys
  • Circa Kids
  • Dakine
  • DC Kids
  • Element
  • Fox
  • Hurley Boys
  • O'Neill Boys
  • Quicksilver Youth
  • Rip Curl
  • Volcom

The Billabong Boys Everlasting Tee featured here is available at upandriding.com.

More Casual Tops

Quiksilver Boys Bigs LS Flannel

Obviously tees featuring graphics relating to surfing or skating are ideal. Or, he can go with basic tops that have a nice, worn-in look and feel to them. Button-up, short sleeved shirts pair up nicely with his with surf and skate related graphics tees. Remember, The Ride In Style Look is very casual and comfortable so his shirts need to be extra soft.

The Quiksilver Boys Bigs LS Flannel featured here is available at upandriding.com.

Cool Hoodies and Zippies

Spring and Summer Fashions for Boys

In the beginning of the season, layer a hoody over his tee for added style and warmth. Once the weather gets warmer, his favorite hoody can serve as an light jacket. Go for contrasting colors for a carefree look, or choose a hoody in neutral shade such as grey, navy or black for a more subdued effect. For a totally stylish look, snag a hoody or zippy with an awesome graphic design.

The Element Kids Simon Special Fleece featured here is available at zappos.com.


Quiksilver Boys Ace Walk Short

Boys love shorts and most of them can't wait for spring just so they can cast away their long pants and bust out their favorite shorts. This style calls for longer shorts with a wider leg. Again, comfort and looking casual are the keys to achieving this look. On the beach, only board shorts will do, but for school choose long and roomy cargo type shorts that come to or go past his knee. Or get funky with a cool pair of retro patterned shorts in neutral colors such as khaki, brown, black or grey.

The Quiksilver Boys Ace Walk Short featured here are available at upandriding.com.

Skate Shoes

Vans Kids Authentic Shoes

This look isn't complete without an awesome pair of skate shoes or flip flops. Again, it's all about having the right brand. Look for skate shoes from:

The Vans Kids Authentic Shoes featured here are available at zappos.com.

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