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Harry Potter Clothes and Accessories for Boys


Do you know someone who is a huge Harry Potter fan? Well, I've found some great Harry Potter clothes and accessories that any Harry Potter fan would love. Check out these fun fashion pieces for little muggles!

1. Harry Potter "Flying Game" Printed Large Denim Backpack

Harry Potter Backpack
Amazon.com has a decent selection of backpacks for young Harry Potter fans. My favorite is this denim backpack measuring 13" x 14" x 5". It has a great graphic featuring Harry on his broomstick racing to catch the Golden Snitch.

2. Harry Potter Dumbledore's Army Messenger Bag

For the preteen who's to cool for a kiddie backpack, this messenger bag, a WBshop.com exclusive, is so cool. Just think how much your Harry Potter fan would love showing off his new school bag that proudly pronounces him part of "Dumbledore's Army".

3. Harry Potter "I Solemnly Swear" Kids' T-Shirt

What a funny shirt for your favorite trouble maker! This Harry Potter shirt reads “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” on the front, and "Mischief Managed" on back. This black T-shirt is made with 100% cotton and comes in boys’ sizes S-XL.

4. Harry Potter Black Rainbow Hogwarts Scarf by Elope

What Harry Potter fan wouldn't love showing his Hogwarts' colors just like Harry and his friends? This black scarf with rainbow stripes and tassels is the perfect wrap to keep a little muggle warm. The scarf is nearly 70 inches long and over 10 inches wide so you can wrap him all up this winter.

5. Harry Potter Tie

Get your boy to wear a tie without a single complaint! Just make sure it’s this official Harry Potter Tie. Here we see the burgundy and gold Gryffindor colors again, but this time it’s a bit more dressed up. This tie isn’t just great for costumes; it can be worn as a real tie for dressy occasions as well.

6. Harry Potter Collectible Watch

No more excuses for coming late to dinner! Get him a Harry Potter Watch. This fun timepiece is complete with a picture of his favorite wizard on the dial. Choose from several exciting styles.

7. Harry Potter 2-Tone Denim Suitcase

Make his journey magical with his very own piece of Harry Potter luggage. This rolling case is small enough for him to wheel himself, but big enough to hold all of his essentials. This suitcase features an image of young Harry, carrying his own suitcase and his trusty white owl Hedwig.

8. Harry Potter Hogwarts Kids' Denim Jacket

Snag this denim jacket at a great price. Sporting a beautiful embroidered Harry Potter crest on the back and a silver Harry Potter logo above the left pocket, this is the ultimate jacket for a true Harry Potter fan.
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