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Fashionable Gifts for Boys

Holiday Shopping for Boys Made Easy


Many readers tell me that it is harder to shop for boys than for girls. I say, that it's not true. Sure, the selection is thinner, but there are some totally cool kids' fashion items out there for boys and the selection is improving every year. I've found some great gifts for boys that are fun and fashionable.

Sand Cassel Kids Hats

gifts for boys
Sand Cassel Kids
The Goorin Bros have been creating high quality hats for adults since 1895, and now they are keeping smaller heads warm and in-style with their Sand Cassel Kids line. Their stylish kids' hats, which are popular with celebrity parents and sold in only the most fashionable kids' boutiques, are actually affordable. Check them out.

Kingsley Tees and Hoodies for Boys

gifts for boys
Kingsley is a rock-and-roll brand for kids that focuses on awesome, in-your-face graphics that boys love. What was once a small t shirt line has expanded to be a full boys' fashion line with a few pieces thrown in for Dad and sis as well.

My Dirty Birdie Tees

gifts for boys
Progeny Inc
I've got a great new kids' fashion item that moms of messy kids are bound to fall in love with, Dirty Birdie tees. If your kid is oh-so-lovable, but oh-so-messy, then this is the perfect holiday gift for your little Dirty Birdie. Why? Because these tees are prestained. Yes, I said prestained, but in the most delightful way. Designed to look like your kid just had a food fight with himself, rolled around all day in the dirt, or just created art all over his own body, these tees are sure to get a chuckle from passersby. And what kid wouldn't love to be allowed to hang out in a dirty tee all day?

Small Paul Lumberjack Buttflap Pj

gifts for boys
These jammies for little guys have me cracking up. You are sure to get a kick out these lumberjack inspired kids' pajamas by Small Paul. Small Paul's kids' fashions are stylish, whimsical and full of unexpected humor; these pajamas certainly are all that and more.

Skater Inspired Athletic Shoes

gifts for boys
What are the most in-style shoes for boys to wear as casual shoes? Skater inspired athletic shoes. No doubt about it, these cool shoes for boys will be everywhere this season. And, the funkier, the better. If you have a hard time finding just the right pair in your local mall, don't despair, the best shoes for kids are online! I'll show you what shoes your boy will be begging for and where to get them.

Ed Hardy Graphic Belts

gifts for boys
These super-funky belts by Ed Hardy are one of the boys' fashion must-haves of the season. Why should he wear a boring belt when he could wear a leather belt embossed with Ed Hardy's world famous graphics? He'll love it.

Premium Jeans for Kids

gifts for boys
Luxury jeans are all the rage for adults and children. The hottest of the hot labels are now offering super-fab children's lines. Every fashionable kid in America is dying to have a pair of high-end jeans.
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