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The Modern Look for Boys


Clean, current (not trendy) pieces are the key to the Modern Look for boys. Modern design prioritizes clean graphics, architectural cuts, and sophisticated color palettes.

The look ranges from minimalist calm to edgier takes with a nod toward street art and a foot in the rock camp. Themes are often inspired by the arts and street culture, while clever details and whimsical accessories punch up the kid factor.

Boys will appreciate the simplicity of this look -- the Modern wardrobe mixes and matches effortlessly.

1. Tops

© Little Paul & Joe
Hoodies, tees, and button downs are among the most popular modern tops. Modern button downs are more simple and structured than their preppy counterparts.

Colors are often muted with a pop from a bright or metallic accent. Graphics may feature typical kid-focused images like animals and balloons, but the designs are artistic, never fussy or overly sweet. Innovative, often asymmetrical lines and contrasting textures distinguish modern tops.

2. Bottoms

© Aven
When shopping for modern pants and shorts, opt for solids or simple prints that can mix and match with everything. As with other modern pieces, focus on asymmetrical cuts, motorsport inspired details, or clean-lined neutrals. Younger boys can pull off drop waist leggings, while older boys should be mindful of body shape to choose pants that flatter -- not every guy can wear skinny jeans!

These edgy corduroy pants from Aven are thoroughly modern. Details include multiple pockets, asymmetrical zippers, and waistband buttons for suspenders.

3. Outerwear

© A for Apple
Choose understated outerwear to coordinate with everything and dress up or down. Close cuts, innovative features, and avant garde accents keep the look fresh.

The angled front zip and other details on this windbreaker give it a biker jacket vibe.

4. Accessories

© JumpFromPaper
Although the Modern Look is understated overall, there is generally a fun element thrown in to keep it young. Accessories are an easy way to add a little punch to an otherwise calm ensemble.

Alternative laces, sleek backpacks, and simple jewelry all fit the modern criteria, and these less conventional accents will really set off the look:

  • JumpFromPaper 3D bag: JumpFromPaper's Play Hooky messenger bag is for the modern boy who appreciates a big dose of whimsy. He'll have fun fooling everyone with this bag that only looks like a drawing.
  • Oeuf Mask and Tail Set: Knit animal tails and masks are fun dress-up details that kids can wear all day for a touch of fun. The fox and skunk styles are particularly modern.

5. Shoes

© Vans
When it comes to the Modern Look, skip the clunky, character-covered, light up sneakers. Look for simple, versatile shoes and boots instead. The shoes offered by these lines will blend seamlessly with modern clothing:

6. Retailers and Lines

Large retailers like American Apparel, Gap Kids, H&M, J. Crew, and Zara offer modern pieces among other styles.

To get a good feel for the details of the Modern Look, take a look at these designer lines:

These retailers offer a well-curated selection of kids' clothing with many modern pieces:
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