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Winter Looks for Boys: Winter Fashion Trends-Boys' Clothes

Trendy Looks in Boys' Fashion


Winterize his look with some fabulous winter clothes for boys. Boys love to look cool while being comfy and casual. Mix and match looks are always in style.

Get The Casual Cool Look

Winter Clothes for Boys: Winter Fashion Trends 2009-2010

The Cool & Casual Look is all about being cool, confident and effortlessly stylish. The key to achieving this easy-going look is to choose items that have a vintage feel to them and layer them. When creating his layers, it's ok to pair patterns like plaids and stripes with graphic images; just pick up a dominating color in the graphic print and echo it in the pattern. Wear it with confidence and it will look cool, hip and casual.

Outfits shown here are available at Macy's.

Buy Direct: macys.com

Get The Sport's Star Look

Winter Clothes for Boys: Winter Trends 2009-2010

Your little athlete just loves hanging out in his track pants and sports logo tees right? Well, good news, he's totally in style for winter. The Sport's Star Look is fresh and cool and oh-so-comfy this year. If he's king of the court, ruler of the field or just the star of the his own backyard, your Sport's Star can dress the part and look cool everyday in his favorite sporty wear.

Outfit by Adidas is available at Nordstrom

Buy Direct: Under Armour 'Elite Training' Warm-Up Jacket & Pants at nordstrom.com

Get The Ride In Style Look

Spring Fashions for Boys

Every boy wants to look cool, and what could be cooler than hitting the classroom styled out in the hottest surfing and skating brands? The Ride In Style Look is all about looking comfortable, casual and and in tune with the skating and surfing fashion scene.

Get The Rock It Look

Winter Clothes for Boys: Winter Trends

Give your kids' wardrobe a jolt of style with some gotta-have rock and roll inspired fashions for winter. Let your kids release their inner rock star with some serious attitude, cool tees, edgy jeans and oh-so-funky shoes.

Hoody shown her by True Religion.

Buy Direct: zappos.com

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