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Trends for Boys 2011: Get the Sports Star Look

Athletic Wear that Goes Beyond the Gym


Your little athlete just loves hanging out in his track pants and sports logo tees right? Well, good news, he's totally in style this season. Clothes for boys get sporty and casual with The Sports Star Look. If he's king of the court, ruler of the field or just the star of the his own backyard, your sport's star can dress the part and look cool everyday in his favorite sporty wear.

What He'll Need for the Look


Nike Kids 2-In-1 Go Long Tee

The Sports Star just loves his t-shirts, especially when they announce his love of his favorite sports' team or athletic wear brand. Boys and t-shirts go together like pb&j, so don't fight it, let him wear his tees proudly.

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Track Pants

Under Armour 'Catalyst' Pants

What could be more comfy than hanging out in a pair of track pants? Boys love track pants with side stripes and other cool features. Look for athletic pants with convenient ankle zips or side snaps.

Buy Direct: Under Armour 'Catalyst' Pants at nordstrom.com

Hoodies and Zippies

Nike Kids Score Graphic Hoodie

This year, boys are choosing bold appliques and graphic prints on their hoodies and zippies. The most popular pullovers feature logos from name brands such as Nike, etnies, Puma and Adidas, or popular chain stores. The Sports Star might also like a hoody that pledges his allegiance to his school or to his favorite college or professional team.

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Athletic Shoes

The North Face Kids Alkaline

Obviously, the Sports Star's choice of shoe is a pair of athletic shoes specifically designed for his chosen sport. For casual wear, however, I encourage the sporty boy to branch out and choose a pair of hip, stylish athletic shoes with a bit more pizazz.

Buy Direct: The North Face Kids Alkaline at zappos.com

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