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Boys' Style Fall/Winter 2013/2014

Trends, Looks, Sources and Tips


Looking for the scoop on cool weather style for boys? From denim to dress clothes, find all you need for Fall/Winter 2013/2014 in one place, including tips on how to put it all together.

1. Finding Personal Style

© H&M

Boys are often overlooked when it comes to lessons in style, but a little effort goes a long way toward building self sufficiency and self confidence.

Encourage boys to experiment with fashion and get to know what works for them, factoring in lifestyle factors, personal tastes, and individual features.

Fun discussions about preferences can facilitate more serious talks about boundaries, such as which styles are appropriate for school, visits with Grandma, and religious services.

2. Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Trends

© Aven

If your boy already knows what he likes, be sure that you do, too, especially if he is the type to stay on top of the trends.

Shopping for style-conscious boys can be challenging. When shopping for your trend tracker, be aware of what his friends are wearing, and cross reference your observations with the season's hottest looks.

If you're buying end-of-year holiday gifts, prioritize color palettes and textures that will transition nicely into spring.

3. Buying Boys' Suits

© Children's Salon / Unruly Blue

Ready to invest in a quality suit that will stand up to the holiday party circuit, a family wedding and a close inspection by the family matriarch? 

Just need something cheap and fast for that chorus production you forgot about? 

You'll find sources for both options here, as well as notes on what to look for in fit and fabric.

4. Cool Suits for Cool Weather

© Children's Salon / Little Marc Jacobs

For festive gatherings, formal weddings, and holiday performances, nothing beats a well-tailored suit. Although not cheap, suits with serious swag are made to last and can be remixed into several looks.

Whether you are in the market for versatile black, a flashy velvet number, or a traditional plaid, you'll find plenty to swoon over. 

5. Learning to Mix and Match

© Petite Bowtie

The ability to skillfully mix and match can be honed with practice, and all the layering of the cooler seasons provides the perfect opportunity. Even boys who typically stick to basic tees and shorts in the summer time  find themselves negotiating more pieces in the winter.

Teaching boys to balance color, embrace patterns, and incorporate accessories will make for more interesting outfits, lower expenses, and smoother mornings.

6. Cozy and Cool Cardigans

© Fore!! Axel and Hudson

Cardigans have become such a mainstay in girls' wardrobes that they're often referred to as "cardis." If this cutesy nickname scares off your boy, show him a few pics of guys in cardigans. From brawny men in tweed to hipsters in graphic tees, there are plenty of examples.

Current styles vary, from vintage inspired chunky knits to lightweight options with clever detailing. Check out this roundup of favorites.

7. Athletic Wear for Every Style

© AlexandAlexa

Although written for girls, the Fashion Personas in Expressionista: How to Express Your True Self Through (and Despite) Fashion apply to boys as well. The quiz questions are definitely girl-centric, but Moms can read the book to get an idea of what styles most appeal to their sons.

For a primer, check out how the Fashion Personas apply to athletic wear in this profile of online retailer AlexandAlexa. From a classic toggle duffle coat to a soft and romantic trapper hat, each pick highlights boys' outdoors and hiking finds that appeal to particular style preferences. 

8. On Trend Jeans

© Gap

Denim is always in, but on trend cuts and washes vary from season to season. From subtle weft variations to bold colors like mustard, the range is wide this year. Look over these picks for shopping sources or customization ideas.

9. Boots and High Top Styles

© Boden

From suede lace ups to athletic high tops, boys' winter shoe style constants are at once modern and classic. 

10. Winter Coat Styles

© J. Crew

From classic peacoats to edgy bombers, there is a cool coat for every boy. Here are 10 picks for inspiration.

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