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Warm Weather Must Haves for Boys


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Boys Belted Embellished Cargo Shorts: Spring and Summer Trends for Boys

Boys Belted Embellished Cargo Shorts

It's official, boys love shorts. From March to September, many boys wear shorts every single day. Boys like their shorts to be long and roomy. To the knee, or just above are the most popular length, but some boys like them even longer. Active boys love extra wide shorts for maximum maneuverability. Though cargo shorts and athletic shorts will continue to be popular, this year we are seeing more and more boys' shorts with cleaner lines and a slightly slimmer, though by no means slim, fit.

Solid shorts in neutral colors such as khaki, navy, black and brown are always popular for boys. But this year, snap up a pair or two of patterned shorts. Especially popular are plaids, pinstripes and camouflage shorts in all colors from primaries to neutrals.

Look for:
  • Cargo Shorts
  • Surfer-Inspired Shorts
  • Skater-Inspired Shorts
  • Classic Shorts with Pinstripes or in Solids
  • Athletic Shorts
  • Plaid Shorts
  • Camouflage Shorts

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