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Cool Boys' Clothes for Little Boys

Cool Looks for Young Boys


Cool Boys' Clothes

Red Rocks Surfboards Tee

Courtesy of Sunwashed.com
Boys' clothes are getting cooler all the time. Moms of boys have been complaining for decades that boys' clothes tend to be less interesting than girls' clothes. Well, kids' fashion designers are starting to listen. Now, thanks to cool online kids' boutiques, it's getting easier to find hip, cool clothes for boys.

So, how can you make your little boy look cool? First off, ditch the character wear. Elmo is not cool. Second, primary colors and stripes are ok, but they sure aren't interesting. Third, pick a look that cool and casual, get the gear and go for it.

Little Surfer Dude

The little surfer dude is all about looking laid back, cool, casual and having fun in the sun. Look for cute vintage inspired tees in soft cottons. Pair them up with shorts, cargo pants or some destroyed-look jeans. On the feet go bare if you dare, or dress him in cute sandals. Accessorize with a fisherman's hat, sunglasses and of course some good sunscreen to protect his precious skin.

Where can you find cool surfer boy wear?

UpAndRiding.com has one of the largest online selections of cool kiddie surfing wear in all sizes. In fact, even the baby can look like a surf pro in mini-surfer wear from brands like Hurley, Quicksilver, and Billabong.

Sunwashed is a California based children's wear company specializing in soft-as-can-be cotton tees which combine comfort, quality California craftsmanship, and casual style. Their groovy tees feature appliques made from vintage inspired fabrics. I just love their simple yet interesting designs. And, parents will appreciate that all Sunwashed tees have been washed in a sun protection solution, giving the tees a UPF of 30.

Little Rocker Boy

If you are too cool to even consider dressing your boy in the latest character wear, mini rock-look fashions are popping up on the kid fashion scene. To get this ultra-cool look, choose tees with a rock edge to them, distressed jeans (preferable designer), and too-cool shoes.

Where can you find edgy, rocker kid gear?

Tutti Bella
Tutti Bella is a wonderful online store that stocks all sorts of stylish kids' clothes that you're not likely to find in the mall. You can find cool kids' togs in any genre, including awesome rock-inspired tees. Check out these rocking lines of boys' tees:
  • Kingsley Kingsley makes rock inspired tees and hoodies for boys.
  • Rowdy Sprout If you're a fan of classic rock, you'll love Rowdy Sprout's line of classic rock tees for tots.
  • No Added Sugar The Sleep Thief Tee and the Menace Tee would be perfect for a little rocker.

If you're looking for some glam meets rock-and-roll tees, check out Glamajama. Their toddler fashions, made with quality cotton tees and embellished with metallic studs, are comfy and totally glam. For boys, have a look at these hot tees:

Vintage Casual Boy

One of the hottest looks for boys this year is the Vintage Casual Look. Boys love this look because it is comfy, casual and looks cool. This look is all about layering, and choosing pieces that have a retro look to them and a pre-worn feel. To get this look, dress him in little vintage inspired tees, distressed jeans or shorts, and some cool footwear like vintage-look sneakers.

Where can you find cool Vintage Casual Boy clothes?

Trendy Togs
Trendy Togs is an online children's wear boutique with "clothes for original kids". They have a wide assortment of the coolest brands in toddler fashions. Check out their "City Threads" line for some groovy vintage casual wear.

Diesel Kids' Line at Zappos.com
Diesel jeans are famous the world round for their hip yet rugged look. There collections include not only jeans but other trousers, tops, jackets and more. You name it, they have it. Diesel toddler clothes are just as funky and edgy as the adult Diesel wear. I promise you, there are no denim-like kids’ trousers in this collection. Their children’s collection is extensive and full of excellent, hip wear for cool urban kids.
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