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Get the Updated Collegiate Kid Look

Collegiate Kid : Varsity Looks for Grade Schoolers


Shirt, Tie and a Zippy

Shirt, Tie and a Zippy

One of the biggest looks for boys this upcoming season will be the Collegiate Kid Look. This look is achieved by combining traditional Varsity apparel such as college sweatshirts and striped ties with laid back casual clothes like worn-in jeans, hoodies and vintage inspired tees. When shopping for the Collegiate Kid look, GapKids instantly comes to mind.

What He'll Need for the Look

Jeans or Khakis
Choose jeans with a light wash and a looser fit. For this look, skip the darkwashed, straight leg jeans as well as super destroyed jeans.

Khakis also look great for the Collegiate Boy Look. Look for straight leg, loose fitting khakis with a flat front (no pleats please!). If the weather is forgiving in your area, he may opt for khaki shorts for the beginning of the school season.

Zippies, Hoodies, Sweatshirts
Choose zippies, hoodies and sweatshirts that feature Varsity inspired graphic prints. These items are quintessential layering pieces for fall, and even double up as outerwear for the beginning of the fall season.

Vintage Inspired Tees
Vintage inspired tees are everywhere right now, and are a must-have for many of today's popular looks. For this look, use the tee as a layering piece. Remember, short sleeved tees are not just for layering under items, they look great layered over long sleeved shirts and even polos.

Long Sleeved Button-Ups and Polos
As an additional layering piece, or on its own, a long-sleeved button-up shirt looks great for Back to School. Leave the shirt open and untucked for a super-casual look.

Layer polo shirts over and under other tops. A fun look this season is layering a polo shirt under a zippy or hoody.


Have fun with accessories!
  • Tie on a striped tie. But this year, skip the blazer when wearing a tie, for a fresh look, wear it with a zippy.
  • Blazers have gone casual; pick up an oversized blazer in an unexpected fabric such as velvet.
  • Choose a super-cool backpack or opt for a messenger bag.

Choosing Footwear

Shopping for the Collegiate Kid Look

  • GapKids
    Gap is THE place for finding the coolest Collegiate Kid wear.
  • Oldnavy.com
    Old Navy always has fashionable, affordable casual clothes for boys.

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