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What's Hot in Boys' Fashion?

Boys' fashion isn't just about jeans and T-shirts. There are lots of great looks out there for boys.
  1. Footwear and Outerwear (6)
  2. Holiday and Event Wear (15)

Made in the USA: Patriotic Style for Boys
Kids clothes made in the USA, with style.

What to Wear: Summer Wedding-Boys
Wondering how to dress your boys for a summer wedding? This selection of suits and separates will keep him looking and feeling cool.

How to Dress Boys for a Summer Wedding

The Boys' Guide to Summer Accessorizing
Readying for a summer of weddings, graduations, and parties? Stylish accessories put the finishing touch on every look, so he'll be dressed to charm.

Cool Spring Shoes for Boys
14 fresh and cool spring dress shoes for boys, for dressing up or stepping up everyday style.

Boys' Style Fall/Winter 2013/2014
Fall/Winter 2013/2014 cool finds for boys, and tips on how to put it all together.

Cool Boys' Cool Weather Suits
From cool blue velvet to perfect plaid, we've found the season's swankiest suits for boys.

Cozy and Cool Cardigans for Boys

On Trend Jeans for Boys
On Trend Jeans for Boys

The Modern Look for Boys
Where to shop and how to put together cool boys' clothes to get the modern look.

Boots and High-Tops for Boys
Cold weather shoes for boys, from desert boots to rain boots to hip high-tops.

Boy Fashions: Awesome Looks for Boys
Find the coolest brands for boys this season.

10 Summer Shirt Styles for Boys
10 summer shirt styles for boys, from sun and insect blocking performance wear to classic linen button-downs.

10 Cool Rash Guards for Kids
Where to find rash guards that offer sun protection and style points for cool kids.

Fall Trends for Boys: Puffer Vests
Geovanni shows off one of the season--a puffer vest. He matched his puffer vest up with a navy zip sweater and a pair of corduroys, all by Vineyard Vines.

Back to School Clothes for Boys: Graphic Tee and Cords
These back to school clothes for boys are casual and comfortable--just how boys like it. Geovanni's back to school look is by Macy's, Vineyard Vines, 77kids and Nike.

Back to School Clothes for Boys: Graphic Tee and Shorts
Get this great back to school outfit for boys from Macy's. Geovanni's look is typical for boys at the beginning of the back to school season when they aren't ready to give up their shorts.

Back to School Clothes for Boys: Cool and Casual and Ready for Kindergarten
Back to school clothes for boys should be comfortable as well as stylish.

BonoboYs Kids' Line: Stylish Boys' Clothes--Just Like Dad's
Bonobos, a trusted line of mens attire, introduces BonoboYs, coordinating chinos and polos for little dudes. BonoboYs offers the same great quality, comfort and stellar customers service customers expect from Bonobos, just in fun-sized clothes.

Toddler Clothes and Accessories that Make Life Easier
These toddler clothes and accessories can save you time and make you life just a little bit easier.

Get the Look: Punky Pirate Look for Boys
Follow Captain Jack Sparrow's lead and get on board with The Pirate Trend for 2011.

The Ride In Style Look
Every boy wants to look cool for Back to School. And what could be cooler than hitting the classroom styled out in the hottest surfing and skating brands? The Ride In Style Look is all about looking comfortable, casual and and in tune with the skating and surfing fashions scene.

Shorts for Boys
What looks will be in style for boys this summer? What boys shorts will be the most popular? What shoes should he wear with his shorts? It's all here and more.

Do You Think it's Harder to Find Fashionable Clothes for Boys…
Boys' clothes are getting cooler all the time, but is it enough? Moms of boys are always writing to me complaining that boys' clothes tend to be less interesting than girls' clothes. Do you agree?

Fashionable Gifts for Boys
Many readers tell me that it is harder to shop for boys than for girls. I say, that it's not true. Sure, the selection is thinner, but there are some totally cool kids' fashion items out there for boys and the selection is improving every year. I've found some great gifts for boys that are fun and fashionable.

Warm Weather Fashions for Boys: Spring and Summer 2008
Boys Fashion, it gets better every year! This season is a great season in boys' fashion because the styles are fresh and hip for boys of all types. The music lover can get funa nd funky with The Rock Edge Look, the football star can look like a Sport's Star on the field and in the classroom, and the naturally cool kid can show off his fashion...

Swimsuit Styles for Boys:

Rock His Wardrobe
Give your kids' wardrobe a jolt of style with some gotta-have rock and roll inspired fashions for kids. Let your kids release their inner rock star with cool tees, edgy jeans and oh-so-funky shoes.

Get The Cool & Casual Look for Boys: Spring Fashions 2008
The Cool & Casual Look is all about being cool, confident and effortlessly stylish. The key to achieving this easy-going look is to choose items that have a vintage feel to them and layer them. When creating his layers, it's ok to pair patterns like plaids and stripes with graphic images; just pick up a dominating color in the graphic print and echo it in the pattern.

The Best Back to School Looks for Boys for 2007
Keep him looking fresh in this year's hottest styles for boys. I'll show you just what he'll need to look smart, hip and totally in style for Back to School 2007.

Get the Sport's Star Look for Boys: Spring 2008
Your little athlete just loves hanging out in his track pants and sports logo tees right? Well, good news, he's totally in style this season. The Sport's Star Look is fresh and cool and oh-so-comfy this year. If he's king of the court, ruler of the field or just the star of the his own backyard, your sport's star can dress the part and look cool everyday in his favorite sporty wear.

Back to School 2007 in Preppy Style
The Preppy Look for boys made a comeback a few years ago and is still going strong for Back to School 2007. The basics of this look never change, but the fits and colors are updated for a modern, preppy look that is ideal for school.

Looks for Boys : Back to School 2006
What are the coolest looks for boys for Back to School 2006? The Rock-N-Roll Look, the Vintage Casual Look, the Sporty Boy Look and the Preppy Look and more are going to be huge this coming school year. I'll tell you what you need to achieve these great looks and where to shop for them so your boy can look his best this year.

Get the Updated Collegiate Kid Look
One of the biggest looks for boys this upcoming season will be the Collegiate Kid Look. This look is achieved by combining traditional Varsity apparel such as college sweatshirts and striped ties with laid back casual clothes like worn-in jeans, hoodies and vintage inspired tees. When shopping for the Collegiate Kid look, GapKids instantly comes to mind.

Laid Back in Layers
One of the hottest looks for boys this year is The Vintage Casual Look. Boys love this look because it is comfy, casual and looks cool.

Where can I find hip/cool denim shorts for boys in size 4 or 5?
The coolest kids' clothes are not in your local mall, they are online. Get online and find stylish kids' clothes that you won't find in your local mall or on every other kid.

Summer Essentials for Boys
Are you ready for summer? How about your kids? It's time to get the summer wear essentials like summer shoes, shorts, tees, play clothes and more. What to get? Where should you get it?

Online Stores for Finding Boys' Swimwear
Are you having a hard time finding the perfect pair of swim trunks for your boy? I'll show you 10 great online stores where you can find a large variety of shorts for boys of all ages and styles.

Summer Shirts for Boys
What shirts are in style for boys this summer? The three shirts we'll be seeing the most are t-shirts, polos and short sleeved button down shirts for boys.

Websites for Thomas the Tank Engine Clothes for Kids
Where can you find Thomas the Tank Engine tees for kids, Thomas the Tank Engine slippers, Thomas outfits, Thomas hats, basically anything Thomas the Tank Engine? Kids are totally crazy over Thomas. So where can Mom go to make their little Thomas fans dreams come true? Let's see.

The Best Looks for Boys 2006
What are the coolest looks for boys this year? The Vintage Casual Look, the Sporty Boy Look and the Preppy Look are the 3 hottest looks for boys in 2006. I'll tell you what you need to achieve these great looks and where to shop for them.

Cool Boys' Clothes for Little Boys
Boys' clothes are getting cooler all the time. Moms of boys have been complaining for decades that boys' clothes tend to be less interesting than girls' clothes. Well, kids' fashion designers are starting to listen. Now it's easy to find hip, cool clothes for boys.

Rain Coats for Girls and Boys
Don't let April showers get your kids all wet! Dress them for the weather, and in spring, this often means dressing them in their handy rain coats. I've found 10 great rain coats for kids, so you're sure to find one that fits your kids' needs and personal styles.

Fun Rain Boots for Girls and Boys
Perfect for puddling jumping, rain boots keep kids' feet dry in style. This year, rain boots are more popular than ever and come in an array of fun colors and designs that kids and parents adore. So go ahead, tuck their jeans into their rain boots, and let them puddle-jump all the way to school.

Get the Rock Edge Look for Boys
Since America's newest celebrity kid, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt graced the cover of People magazine wearing the Pots and Pans Band Tee by Kingsley, the Rock-n-Roll look for tots is really rocking.

Get the Preppy Look for Boys
The Preppy Look is back. Parents who fondly remember sporting Polo shirts, cable cord sweaters and deck shoes will rejoice in dressing their kids in updated versions of classic preppy wear. The look has changed a bit over the last 20 years; the fits are more modern and the color palate is vibrant and exciting.

Classic Looks in Kids' Fashion
There are some looks in kids' fashion that never seem to go out of style. Basic clothes that are comfortable and practical are staples in every child's wardrobe.

Fashion Trend Alert : Asian Inspired Fashions for Kids
Looking for stylish, interesting and unique clothes that will set your kid apart from the crowd? Well, look east and snap up some Asian inspired fashions for kids.

Top 10 Boys' Athletic Shoes for Casual Wear
What are the best tennis shoes for boys to wear as casual shoes? Whether you call them sneakers or tennis shoes, athletic footwear for boys is hot again this year. From Adidas to Vans, to everything in between, these are the hottest shoes for boys this year.

Fun T-Shirts for Toddlers and Little Kids
Trend alert! T-shirts with amusing saying and graphics will be a big story in kids' fashion in 2006. Have fun with these clever tees to express your child's personality and mood.

Top 8 Uggs for Kids
Uggs! They keep feet incredibly warm even when the temperature drops well below zero, and they amazingly don't overheat little feet when indoors. Kids love Uggs because they are very comfortable, and because they are so easy to pull on and off.

The Top 10 Jeans for Toddler Boys
Jeans, you’re boy practically lives in them right? They are always in style, practical and best of all they match everything in his closet. But not all jeans are created equally; I’ve searched high and low for the best toddler boys’ jeans out there.

Harry Potter Clothes and Accessories for Boys
Looking for a magical gift for a little Harry Potter fan? Boys will love these great Harry Potter shirts and accessories.

Get the Sporty Look for Boys
Your little athlete just loves hanging out in his track pants and sports' logo tees right? Well, good news, he's totally in style this spring. The Sporty Boy Look is fresh and cool this season.

The Best Looks in Boys’ Outerwear
Layers, layers and more layers are what you need to keep your boy warm and looking cool this season. Boys' outerwear this year is fun and interesting.

High-End Jeans for Kids : Casual Luxury
High-end jeans are the hot ticket item of the year. Every fashion loving person on the planet is shelling out big bucks for designer jeans. And guess what… the hottest of the hot labels now have children’s lines!

Warm Weather Must Have for Boys: Boys' Fashion Must Have for Spring a…
What styles will keep your boy looking cool the spring and summer? What shorts are the must-haves of the season? What shirts should you be shopping for? How about footwear? Let's look and see!

Back to School Looks for Boys: B2S Fashion Trends-Boys' Clothes
Jumpstart his look with some fabulous back to school clothes for boys. Boys love to look cool while being comfy and casual. Mix and match looks are always in style.

Get the Vintage Casual Look
One of the hottest looks for boys this year is the Vintage Casual Look. Boys love this look because it is comfy, casual and looks cool.

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