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Adorable Swimsuits for Toddler Girls


Show off her adorable, chunky legs in an equally adorable toddler swimsuit. Skip the mall and go online for the coolest, cutest and best swimsuits around.

BabyGap Asymmetrical Floral One-Piece Toddler Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

We all know that the asymmetrical look is trendy, trendy, trendy. But why should big girls have all the fun? This look is adorable on little girls as well.

My Pool Pal Girls Flotation Toddler Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

My Pool Pal Flotation Swimsuits are designed to keep your little one afloat, building confidence in youngsters and giving parents a bit of extra security.

Banz UV Protection Swimwear

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

We all know how harmful the sun's rays can be on our kids' sensitive skin, so it's no wonder that parents are increasingly worried about protecting their kids from UV rays. Banz swimsuits are the answer; these functional yet adorable suits protect kids' skin with a 50+ UV protection. Choose from several styles.

Kate Mack Bali Hai Toddler Bikini and Surf Shirt

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

This 3-piece set gives you a lot of flexibility. Dress her in rash-guard tee when your little one needs some extra sun protection, and use the adorable tank-style bikini top when she doesn't.

Hanna Andersson Toddler Swimsuits

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

These easy-on and easy-off toddler swimsuits by Hanna Andersson are tops for style and comfort. Choose from the bikini or tank.

Mini Boden Halter Bikini for Toddlers

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls
What an adorable bikini for a toddler girl. I love the old fashioned style of this Mini Boden toddler swimsuit.

Tugless Tank by Lands' End

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

This tank from Lands' End provides extra sun protection with a 50 UPF protection built into the fabric. This suit is designed to stay in place no matter how busy she is splashing, jumping, diving and swimming. The straps stay up, and the bottoms do not ride up, keeping her covered and comfortable.
This swimsuit is available in a plethora of colors and patterns so you're sure to find one she'll love.

Submarine Brown Paisley One Piece Toddler Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

I'm loving on this retro inspired toddler swimsuit. The brown, coral and gold paisley print paired up the the modest-yet-sassy, retro cut is too cute for words.

Toddler Swimwear by Disney

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

Do you know a little girl who is crazy over Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell or Minnie Mouse? Then I'm sure she'd love to spend the summer in a princess-worthy swimsuit by Disney. Disney suits are loved by little girls and are priced in the $15.00-$20.00 range making them popular with moms as well.

Kate Mack Tutu Skirt One Piece Toddler Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Toddler Girls

Kate Mack's kids' swimsuits are hugely popular. Reminiscent of ballerina costumes, her magical designs have cast a spell on moms across the country. This suit showcases irresistible layers of ruffled, fluffle fun.

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