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Fun Kids' Accessories that Kids Will Love


Kids' accessories make great gifts, and they are an excellent way to spruce up a boring look. Kids are bright, spunky, funny, funky, sweet, adorable and so much more, so why dress them in boring outfits? From a new take on traditional Japanese Tabi socks, to whimsical cell phone carriers, kids accessories are fun, fun, fun. Let your kids wear accessories that show off their fun-loving and groovy personalities and make their outfits inspiring.

1. Kidz Banz Retro Sunglasses

These super-cool, no-slip sunglasses for toddlers are fantastic. Kids love to wear these sunglasses that actually fit little faces and stay-put. Now your little ones can jump waves, build sandcastles, run around the yard, and bebop around town in their favorite sunnies made just for them.
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2. Little Packrats Backpacks

Little Packrats make the most stylish kids' backpacks, hands down. My favorite is the Miss Piggy backpack. This backpack with a sleek graphic design, elegant color palette and 3-D finishing touches, shows that kids' accessories can be sophisticated and stylish. Kids young and old will delight in carrying this little porker on their backs.

3. Blabla Phone Chums

These knitted cell phone holders are too cute. I just love them. Older kids can carry their cell phone with them, and younger kids can use them to hold their small treasures. Pick which "chum" will look after your kids' stuff, a frog, an owl, a monkey, a lion, a kitty or a dog. All of them are cute, colorful and functional.

4. Tabi Socks for Kids

Tabi socks are Japanese split-toed socks traditionally worn by ninjas, samurais and the Japanese Royal Family. And now, they've been updated with cool designes for kids. These fashionable and modern Tabi socks are so much fun, and would look great with a pair of flip-flops. Choose from dragon print, ivy print or hemp abstract print.

5. Myself Belts

What a great invention! These belts are so easy to do, even young kids will have no trouble fastening and unfastening their own belts. Not only do Myself Belts make potty time much easier on Mom and Dad, they encourage a sense of accomplishment and independence in growing kids.

6. Baby Legs

These cool legwarmers for kids aged 0 and up keep little legs warm and in style. For young ones, wear them under trousers to protect their legs from the cold. Girls look adorable pairing them up with a skirt. Even older kids are wearing them as legwarmers or on their arms for a totally funky look.

7. Little Lubbaloo's Francie Pants

I'm loving these adorable boy-short type coveralls. They cover girls' underwear and all other necessary parts so she can run, jump, climb and do cartwheels even when she is wearing a skirt, without compromising modesty.

8. Charm Bracelets for Girls

Toddleposh.com has some amazing charm bracelets for girls. All their bracelets are made of fine components such as sterling silver, 14 karat gold-filled beads, Chinese freshwater pearls, genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals, designer clay beads and Czech glass beads. And not only are these some quality pieces of kids' jewelery, they are fun as well with exciting designs like Big Top Circus, Funky Monkey and Tea time for a Princess.

9. spin-o-rama of mismatched socks

"Changing the world one sock at a time" is the inspiring goal of littlemissmatched and their spin-o-rama of mismatched socks. It's a novel and fun way to embrace the funky and unique fashion sense of young children. Encourage her to wear a bit of personality on her feet. The spin-o-rama gift box holds 9 completely mismatched, fun socks featuring lots of colors and crazy patterns that give your little odd-ball a license to go crazy with 36 crazy sock combinations.

10. Candy Necklace

Of course the sweetest kids' accessory of them all is the old fashion candy necklace. You loved them when you were a kid, and kids still love them today.
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