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Top 8 80s Inspired Fashions for Kids


Just when you thought 80s fashions were forever gone, seen only in John Hughes films and dusty High School year books, the world of kids' fashion explodes with 80s inspired clothing. Yes, 80s looks are back for fall, and it appears that this look will be totally rad for winter and spring as well.

1. Hi-Top Sneakers

Get the 80s Looks for Kids
Nothing says 80s like a pair of hi-top sneaker, that is unless you can find a totally cool pair of sequined, extra-tall sneakers! She'll look over-the-top, awesome in these amazing hi-tops by Skechers Kids.

2. 80s Look Retro Jacket for Boys by Quicksilver

Quiksilver 'Tomahawk' Hoodie
This jacket by Quicksilver is totally 80s retro and totally rocking. He'll flip for the faux vest overlay and the mowhawk detailing on the hood. Pair this up with his favorite graphic tee, a pair of cargos and some Chuck Taylor All Stars, and he's got an 80s inspired look that's modern and oh-so cool.

3. Skinny Jeans

80s Inspired Skinny Jeans by GapKids

Those tight fitting skinny jeans that you remember from your own childhood are back. Like this pair from GapKids.com, this year's hottest skinny jeans are in black or grey wash.
For tips on looking cool in skinny jeans, check out my Tweens' Guide to Wearing Skinny Jeans.

4. Leggings for Girls

Black Leggings for Girls
M. Kouzmine

Preteens, tweens and younger girls are crazy over leggings. They are so much more fun than socks, and infinitely more comfortable than tights. What leggings are hot this season? How should she wear them? What shoes should she wear? I'll give you the complete low-down on leggings, this minute's hottest fashion must have.

5. 80s Retro Graphic Tees

80s Inspired Looks for Kids
Search out graphic tees that feature bright colors and your favorite brands from the 80s. I'm digging this Puma Raglan Tee. Pair it up with her GapKids Super Skinny Jeans and she's ready to go.

6. Puffer Vests for Boys and Girls

80s Inspired The North Face Puffer Vest for Kids
Both girls and boys look great in puffer vests. In the 80s, these had a country/hunter feel to them. These days, puffer vests sport a more modern and sleek look like this one from North Face.

7. Ballet Flats

80s Inspired Shoes for Girls

Remember ballet flats? Well, revived from the 80s archives, ballet flats continue to be a big story in girls' fashion. Expect to see women all over America sporting these adorable yet comfortable shoes. And, expect to see them on smaller feet as well.
This pair with it's fun and funky print looks totally 80s and totally adorable.

8. Retro Inspired Athletic Footwear for Boys

The coolest shoes for boys this year are retro inspired athletic shoes. Whether you call them sneakers or tennis shoes, athletic footwear for boys is hot again. From Adidas to Vans, to everything in between, sporty shoes are in style.
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