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Trendy Girls' Looks for Summer 2012


While beachy neutrals and nautical stripes are summer staples, girls looking to amp up the trendy factor have several fun options for the 2012 season.

Rising temps allow for playful proportions and prints. Add interest to basics with trendy highlights, or go all out and wear multiple trends at once. Let your daughter make each look her own. There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to kids' summertime looks.

5 Trends to Play With This Summer:

  • Chambray and Light Denim

    Chambray and light denim are classics, but this season they’re also current. To brighten the look, pair weathered blues with white, black and white patterns, or punchy neons. For a softer take, add a delicate floral print, or wear a simple romper with neutral shoes.
  • Florals

    The key to accentuating the trendiness of florals this summer is to wear them in a fresh colorway, or with another hot item. A muted floral print will skew hip when worn with a bright belt or chambray shirt.
  • Indigenous Prints

    In contrast to denim and florals, tribal motifs aren't constants in childrenswear, so opt for more restrained variations on this trend if you want to avoid a dated look down the line.
  • Peter Pan Collars

    Peter Pan collars were definitely out of fashion for a while, but they've been creeping back into traditional clothiers, and really hit the top of the charts this year. Opt for a quiet smaller scale version, or make a statement with a detachable collar -- Etsy has a great selection.
  • Rompers

    Rompers are steadily available in the childrenswear market, but there are rarely so many style options. Cuts and lengths vary, and patterns and colors abound. Both bright and pastel shades are in, so let your daughter's preference be the guide.

Floral Print Shorts

The bright colors and painterly print of these Zara shorts combine for a look that is at once trendy and timeless.

Bright Floral Dress

Modern Moppet
The sophisticated colorway of Llum's floral print reverses to summery stripes. You can't beat two dresses in one!

Belted Denim Dress

The belt that comes with this Zara shirt dress adds a pop of contrast. Play up the pop this summer with bright sandals and accessories. As temperatures drop layer it over a fitted long sleeve shirt and pair with flats. Add leggings and boots when autumn is in full effect.

Denim Romper

Sun-faded and light on the skin, this denim playsuit from Zara is the stuff of summer dreams. Add a flowy floral shirt, strappy sandals and a floppy hat for a boho vibe, or smarten up with a blazer and flats.

Light Denim Shirt

Saks Fifth Avenue
I love Ralph Lauren's batwing take on the light denim shirt. The ruffly sleeves of this Denim Delaney top are perfectly feminine, while railroad stripes lend masculine balance.

Graphic Peter Pan Collar Tee

This Peter Pan collared tee from Zara is sweet with a hint of tribal, although upon closer inspection the graphic pattern is revealed to be kitty cat silhouettes.

Striped Peter Pan Collar Tee

Olive Juice Kids
This tee is every bit traditional childrenswear, but the classic Peter Pan collar also enters it in the trendy category. To walk the preppy/trendy line, pair the top with light denim.

Bright Tribal Skirt

Because the small geometric print of this Le Petite Lucas du Tertre skirt isn't overwhelming, the trendy pattern has staying power. Timeless shape and a bright colorway add to the appeal.

Aztec Print Romper

Black Wagon
The tribal trend may pass, but the pattern of this Missie Munster Spirit Romper will still be graphic and cool.

Pindot Smocked Romper

Janie and Jack
The berry hue of this Janie and Jack romper adds zest to the the sweet smocking and pindots.
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