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Stylish Looks for Girls Summer 2009


Make sure your fashionista's wardrobe is fantastic and totally fabulous this summer. Find out what warming trends are heading your way this season in the wonderful world of girls' fashion. From cute and casual lounge wear to lovely, flowing dresses, she'll love shopping for her warm-weather wardrobe this year.

The Summer Swing Look

Cool Summer Looks for Girls
This style, which has been popular for the last few seasons is still going strong. It's a great look for girls of all ages. To achieve this look, shop for loose fitting tops with high waists and pair them with slim-fitting leggings, capris, skits, shorts or jeans. Or choose empire-waisted, roomy dresses with hemlines that come above the knee. The idea is to create a look that has volume and swing. For an up-to-date look, steer away from last year's graphic prints and pick up swinging tops and dresses that have a more boho/earthy look.

The Sunny Girl Look

Cool Summer Fashions for Girls
Let the sun shine in on her inner girly-girl with some feminine fashions. This look is all about feminine patterns and sunny colors. Think florals, mosaics, soft plaids and other classic, patterns. The silhouette is flowing and soft, with details such as rushing, tie-back waists, lettuce edging and possibly even a ruffle or two. This is a beautiful look for girls.

The Cute and Casual Look

Cool Summer Fashions for Girls
The Cute and Casual Look is for the girl who loves to be comfortable and casual but still fashionable. This look is simple to achieve; all she'll need to do is shop for comfortable clothes that express her personality and toss them on. This look really benefits from a splash of color and a few personal touches to liven things up.

The Surfer Sweetie Look

Cool Summer Fashions for Girls
The Surfer Sweetie Look is hot, hot, hot for Spring and Summer 2009. She'll look beachy keen in these radical clothes. Girls love this look because it's hip, edgy, comfortable and easy to wear.
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