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Get the Surfer Sweetie Look: Fashions for Girls Summer 2008

Cool Looks for Cool Girls


The Surfer Sweetie Look is hot, hot, hot for summer. She'll look beachy keen in these radical clothes.

What She'll Need for the Look

Tees, Tanks or Camis

Summer Fashions for Girls
Surfer girls love to wear colors inspired by nature; go with the cool and dreamy hues of the sea, or get wild with some bright floral inspired colors. Choose summery tops like short-sleeved tees, tank tops and camis. Go for solid colored tops or ones decorated with graphic designs that advertise real or imagined beaches, surfer gear or vacation destinations. Alternatively, snap her up a few logo tees from her favorite lifestyle brands such as Roxy Girls, O'Neill Surfer Girl, Billy Girls and more. Layer her tees over a contrasting tank or cami for a more interesting look.

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Hoodies and Zippies

Summer Fashions for Girls
When the sea breeze gives her a chill, layer a hoody over her tee. Choose a hoody in a bright color that doesn't match her tee but still looks nice. Go for contrasting colors for a carefree look. In warmer months, get quirky and choose a short-sleeved hoody.

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Summer Fashions for Girls
Naturally, The Surfet Sweetie loves to wear shorts. She may choose a cute pair of funky board shorts, or one of this year's biggest trends, Bermuda shorts.

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Spring Fashions for Girls
Keep accessories simple and few and far between. Choose jewelery made of natural elements such as braided rope and seashells. Or if she want to pump up the personality factor, have her choose a cool hat.

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Shoes: Athletic Low-Tops or Flip-Flops

Summer Fashions for Girls
The ultimate surfer girl shoe is the flip-flop. This year's cutest flip-flops are brightly colored Havaianas, Reefs and Crocs.

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