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The Punky Princess Look for Back to School 2008

Cool Back to School Looks for Girls


Rock on girls! This year, the rock look for gets a little bit funkier and a whole lot punkier. Think bling, think fun and funky, and think pink! Mix in some feminine colors with some traditional rock looks like black and white stripes, tight jeans, cool shoes and some glam-rock bling and you've got 2008's Punky Princess Look.

What She'll Need for the Look

Rock Inspired Tees with Girl Appeal

Back to School Fashions for Girls 2008
Look for rock inspired tees that are age appropriate for your child as well as totally cute. Choose tees in bright fun colors or go ultra-girly and choose a bubbly shade of pink. Reproduction rock tees, parody concert tees and tattoo inspired tees will all be big this season. Most importantly, her tees should be comfortable, fun and express her big personality. Layer pieces over one another for a light-hearted punk look.

Buy Direct: Harajuku Lovers Pink Space Love Tee at tuttibella.com

Cool Layering Pieces

Back to School Fashion for Girls 2008
Every Punky Princess knows that her layers are meant to be seen, so layer a short sleeved tee over a long sleeved shirt, toss a cropped shrug over a top, or layer your shorts over leggings. Ideally, she should wear whatever makes her feel fabulous, so long as it fits in with school dress codes and is age appropriate.

Buy Direct: Sister Sam Kids Graphic T at zappos.com

Skinny Jeans

Back to School Fashions for Girls 2008
This look is more fun-punk than rock-n-roll, so ditch the distressed, relaxed jeans and choose a pair of dark washed skinny jeans. If she isn't a fan of skinny jeans, she can rock a pair a classic fit jeans. For Back to School 200, choose jeans that go just past her ankle, or a cropped pair that hit her either mid-calf or above the ankle.

Buy Direct: The Darling Black Skinny Jeans at oldnavy.com

Funky Skirt

Back to School Fashions for Girls 2008
If she really wants to have fun with this look, skip the jeans and toss on a skirt and a super-funky pair of tights. Skirts are a must have for every fashionista. For a punkier look, choose a denim shirt with a dark wash that comes a few inches above her knee or get funky with a patterned short skirt.

Buy Direct: Copper Key Pinstriped Pleated Scooter at dillards.com

Glam Accessories

This look really benefits from a generous use of fun accessories. Grab some inexpensive, plastic bracelets or beaded necklaces in cheerful colors. Or, go for the bling and snap up crystal studded jewelery, sunglasses, belts and hats. Don't forget about funky socks and tights; they are ultra-fun and add spunk to any outfit.

Buy Direct: Anjewels Pink Skull Belt Buckle at izzyandash.com

Punk-Rocking Footwear

Back to School Fashions for Girls 2008
For the Punky Princess look choose footwear that really stands out. Go with a pair of colorful shoes with an outrageous pattern like Chuck Taylor All Stars, Vans Slip-Ons or funky boots. Or, go get rocking with a pair of studded boots.

Buy Direct: Dr. Martens Kids' Cal Mary Janes at shoes.com
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