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Spring Fashions for Girls 2009

The Cute and Casual Look


The Cute and Casual Look is for the girl who loves to be comfortable and casual but still fashionable. This look is simple to achieve; all she'll need to do is shop for comfortable clothes that express her personality and toss them on. This look really benefits from a splash of color and a little layering.

What She'll Need for the Look

Graphic Tees

Spring Fashions for Girls
Kids love graphic tees. Look for inexpensive tees that are fun, witty or clever; nearly all department and chain stores carry kids' tees. Or if she loves fashion, there are a lot of designer graphic tees for kids by labels such as Little Marc, Small Paul, Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy and more. She can use her tee to really express her personality, make a statement, or just have some fun.

Buy Direct: The Billy Girls Peace Tee featured here at UpAndRiding.com.

Cool Hoody or Zippy

Spring Looks for Girls
This comfortable layering piece is a girls' fashion must-have. In the beginning of the season, her zippy or hoody can stand in for a light jacket. For a laid-back yet coordinated look, pair her hoody or zippy up with the matching lounge pants or shorts.

Buy Direct: The Evisu Kids Kimono Hoody featured here at Zappos.com.

Shorts or Cropped Pants

Spring Fashions for Girls
Shorts and cropped pants aren't just for kicking around the house, they can look comfortable and stylish at home, at school, at the mall or just about anywhere. Let her choose her favorite length; anything from bermuda shorts to short-shorts are in style for Spring and Summer 2009

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Comfortable Jeans

Spring Fashions for Girls
This is a great year for jeans because almost anything goes. From classic fit jeans, to bootcut denim trousers, to skinny jeans, almost all cuts are in style. She should choose her jeans based on what she's comfortable in and which styles and cuts best suit her body type.

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Casual Shoes

Spring Fashions for Girls
Finish her outfit off with a great pair of comfortable, casual shoes or boots. Use her shoes to add in a dash of personality and go with a bold, fun pair. Some popular and fun brands for Summer 2008 are Heelys, Crocs, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, Vans, Geox, Keds, Merrell and New Balance.

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