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5 Adorable Winter-to-Spring Dresses for Girls

Get a Jump on Spring Fashion with a Great Transitional Dress


Forget about Old Man Winter and start thinking spring! Now's the perfect time to snap up and adorable transitional dress and add some springtime into her wardrobe. What's a transitional dress? It's a dress that's not too lightweight for the end of winter, but is reminiscent of spring. The best transitional dresses can be worn with layers now, and alone when springtime is in full force. I've searched the internet for my five favorite girls' transitional dresses that are perfect segway dresses to take her look from winter to spring in a flash.

Truly Me Embellished Trapeze Dress

Transitional Dresses for Girls
This amazing color block dress has a sophisticated colorway of navy blue, grey and dusty pink. It's understated and stylish and would look great as a transitional dress. The butterfly embellished neckline and bubble hemline are oh-so-fab. Wear this simply lovely dress now with leggings, boots and cropped cardigan. In spring, dump the cardy and wear this dress with capri-length leggings and ballet flats or strappy sandals. Versatile and suepr-cute!

Roxy Cutting Edge Dress in Sparkling Grape

Transitional Dresses for Girls
I love this dress, and not just because the color is called Sparkling Grape (but really, that's a great name for a dress color). This dress is so pretty and transitional. It can dress up or down. It can look classic or get a rock-edge to it with a few well thought out accessories. And most importantly, it goes from winter to spring easily. She'll get tons of wear out of this cool Roxy dress.

Now, wear this dress with a fab, military inspired jacket in classic khaki--khaki and purple look amazing together. And don't forget the leggings and a great pair of boots. When the weather warms up, funk her look up with a pair of trendy sneakers and a lightweight hoody.

Burberry Check Print Shirtdress

Transitional Dresses for Girls
Ok, this transitional dress is quite a splurge, but if it's in your budget, you're favorite girl will get tons of wear out of this dress. This classic dress by Burberry will never go out of style and can be worn by several girls in a row. This is a hand-me-down that girls will actually want to wear.

And, this dress is super versatile. She'll wear it from now until summer and then she can toss it on again in the fall. For the end of winter, wear this dress with a pair of corded red tights, funky brown boots and a jacket. In spring, roll up the button-up sleeves and toss on a pair of strappy sandals and a cross-body mini-bag and she's got a hot Spring 2012 look. And that's not all. Next fall, once she's grown a bit, wear this dress as a long shirt with a pair of leggings and an irresistible pair of ballet flats.

Girls' Stripe Relay Dress by Crew Cuts of J Crew

Transitional Dresses for Girls
Crew Cuts by J Crew
Crew Cuts have taken a traditional navy and white striped cotton dress and switched up the silhouette for an awesome 2012 look. Right now, wear this dress over a navy turtleneck and jeggings. And in spring, pair it with a crisp white pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. But don't pack this dress away in the summer--use it as beach cover-up.

KC Parker Girl's Geometric Print Dress

Transitional Dresses for Girls
I'm in love with the geometric print on this beautiful girls' dress by KC Parker. On it's own, it's a great spring outfit. Or layer it with a black (or pink!) cardigan, black tights and dress shoes and it's a lovely dress up outfit for the end of winter. Either way, she'll look great.
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