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2013 Trends for Girls


Many 2013 trends are variations on looks that have been around for a while. Tribal prints and western wear are familiar themes, there's nothing new about flowers or ruffles, and every color of the rainbow seems to be "in" these days.

Still, subtle differences set 2013 trends apart from those of years past. Shades and textiles vary, and pieces are put together in new ways.

1. Floral Garden Party

© J. Crew
Imagine a garden party with lawn croquet and lemonade. Boys are in polo shirts or linen button-downs with rolled up sleeves, girls are in breezy dresses and flouncy skirts.

The Garden Party trend features a good dose of white in addition to soft, sun-washed hues.

Flowers, of course, are a vital component of any garden party, and floral prints are also at the top of the trend list. If you picked up pieces during last year's floral trend surge, keep them in the front of the closet.

If you're in the market for some new things, keep an eye out for 3D flowers. This year, rosettes aren't only adorning dresses for the littlest girls and brides; textured florals are blooming on everyday clothing for all ages.

If your daughter is not entirely into the subdued garden party thing, she can pair her embellished floral element with an edgier piece -- just encourage her to let the flowers remain the focus and keep everything else streamlined.

2. Ruffles and Shimmer

© Lanvin
Ruffles and flounces are a constant in girls' fashion, but this year we're seeing more than ever. Lanvin's top is an architectural inspiration piece. Other takes are more delicate.

Preserve the inherent frilly sweetness by pairing ruffles with flats and a soft top, or give the look some edge with a western shirt.

Glamour girls will love the shimmery, iridescent treatments that are migrating into everyday wardrobes from dress-up territory.

3. Western Wear

© H&M
The western look is more than blue jeans and cowboy boots. For 2013, there are many ways to wear this trend.
  • If your kid is the rugged type, cowboy boots and western yoke shirts will suit her. For added flair, opt for embroidered detailing.
  • For the Equestrian vibe, look to riding boots, skinny pants, shrunken blazers and tailored tops.
  • The Prairie Girl take will appeal to breezy bohemians. Key features include dainty flower prints and long dresses a la Laura Ingalls.
Contrast textures, add a bright pop to muted colors, and mix in modern pieces to keep the look fresh. Unless you're headed to the rodeo, horse trials, or historical reenactment, you'll want to avoid dressing your kids in any of these looks head to toe.

Keep school dress codes in mind when it comes to boots. Most elementary schools require rubber soles and flat heels for playground safety.

4. Tribal Prints

© Tea
Last year's tribal trend is still going strong. For 2013, the palette is brighter, but often appears tamed by sun or time. We're seeing a convergence of the tribal trend and digital imagery, as well as some western wear. In this tunic from Tea, bright tribal embroidery is juxtaposed with a muted floral print.

Have a bold dresser that loves to pile on the prints? For best effect, avoid pairing tribal prints that closely match, but do keep them in the same color scheme.

5. Hot Colors

© ilovegorgeous
Emerald green is Pantone's color of the year, but the entire spectrum is showing up in kids wear this year. In contrast to the fluorescent neon hues of 2012, however, shades are either white-washed pastels or uber saturated.

Colors that seem to be having a particular moment include:

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Electric Orange
  • Shocking Pink
  • Bold Red
  • Marigold Yellow
High contrast stripes are also popular, especially in black and white.
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