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10 Legging Styles for Girls


Leggings are seaonless. Wear them with a gauzy blouse or tank dress in spring and summer, and layer them up in fall and winter. In cooler climates, a single pair can perform triple duty as lounge wear, outfit foundation, and long underwear. In fluctuating heating and air conditioning, scrunch up or pull down the legs according to the temperature.

The easiest way to wear leggings is under dresses, skirts or long tops. While some leggings should not be worn as pants, those with looser cuts or sturdier fabrics may pass the test. No matter the style, when it comes to monkeying around on the playground, leggings are more modest than tights.

An everyday staple, leggings come in a variety of styles and fits. From flashy to casual, here are ten looks to love.

1. Funky

© Polka Dot What

Polka Dot What

Polka Dot What puts the design in your hands. Their cotton/spandex Ankle and Capri Leggings are customizable to express personality and style, or perhaps to conjure desired traits. Shapes indicate various positive attributes, like confidence and creativity.

Home designers choose different prints for each leg, and can share the meaning with the world or keep it as an inner reminder and let the funky mix of bold prints speak for themselves. Inks are water based, and all clothing is made in the USA.

2. Sturdy

© Zupers


Zuper leggings are made in the USA for active girls. Long Leggings feature UV fabric, rip-resistance and removable knee pads. The leggings are also moisture wicking, so girls can wear them in the water or as a snow-day underlayer. The secret treasure pocket is a fun and handy extra.

3. Roomy

© Hanna Anderson

Hanna Anderson

Hanna Anderson pure cotton leggings are soft, generously proportioned, and certified by OEKO-TEX standard 100 to be skin-friendly. Loose Leggings are even more roomy than Livable Leggings. Both pants are pajama comfortable, but sturdy and thick for daytime wear.

4. Jegging

© Mini Boden

Mini Boden

Mini Boden's Denim Leggings are like skinny jeans with a softer touch and no button waist, so they're comfortable and cute. The fit is slim, so thin girls won't have to deal with awkward sagging.

5. Flashy

© J. Crew


Glittery tuxedo stripes amp up the fancy factor of sturdy cotton Everyday Leggings. Retro jade contrasts brilliantly with the silver stripes, gray and silver come together for sporty chic, and the silver plays off navy to elegant effect.

6. Equestrian

© Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

These stretch cotton jersey Jodhpur Leggings feature classic patching, a tapered leg, and a sewn cuffed hem for authentic equestrian styling. For the cleanest look, opt for the Mil Drill colorway.

7. Casual

© Tea Collection

Tea Collection

Tea Collection is known for comfortable clothing with easy style. These Piped Skinny Leggings are a sporty basic are made for all day wear.

8. Baggy

© Popupshop


Popupshop's Baggy Leggings have a modern cut low crotch and slouchy leg. Made of 100% organic cotton sweatshirt fabric.

9. Luxe

© Ella Moss

Ella Moss

For the big girls, the glossy coating on these stretchy leggings mimics coveted leather styles. The skinny fit is kept in check by the soft interior and elastic waist. Made in the USA.

Don't be scared off by the "hand wash" tag; just reserve these leggings for special occasions.

10. Cozy

© Lands' End

Lands' End

Lands' End's Cozy Cable Leggings are actually more like heavy tights, but they are a great, thick layer under skirts and dresses in winter. The neutral color options add textural interest to uniforms while keeping with the dress code, and bright hues make holiday attire pop.

These wash well, and don't sag or shrink.

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