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Get the Look: 70s Cool to the Max


Get the Look: 70s Cool to the Max
Fall Fashion Trends: 70s Fashion

Get the 70s Look for Back to School 2011

Michelle Kouzmine
The 70s are back, baby! Get her back to school looking maxed out with an awesome maxi dress for girls. Maxi dresses are going to be hot for Fall 2011. Pair her maxi dress up with some have-to-have 70s inspired accessories for a modern look with a big nod to 70s flare.

Anna loves this beautiful dress by Tea Collection. She said, "Ever since I got my feather hair extension, I've been looking for outfits that are kind of hippy-like. I really love maxi-dresses, even though I'm not very tall. I think a maxi dress, a feather hair-extention, paired up with some cool sandals is one of my favorite looks this year."

Get the Look
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