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Florals for Girls are Back in Style for Fall 2011


Florals for Girls are Back in Style for Fall 2011
Fall Fashion Trends for Girls: Florals

Fall Fashion Trends for Girls: Florals

M. Kouzmine
Bring some spring into her fall wardrobe by incorporating some fun floral prints into her look. Florals will be a big trend in girls' fashion this fall.

Audra's school outfit is spot on for fall 2011. Her floral top looks perfect paired up with a ruffled, teal cardigan and braided, brown belt. Both the cardigan and top are from Macy's. Macy's has tons of great fall fashions for girls this year.

Denim is key for fall. For this look, Audra skipped the usual jeans and tossed on a denim skirt instead for a slightly more feminine look, that really goes well with her overall girly look.

And last but not least, Audra finishes off her floral-trend look with a floral hair clip by No Slippy Hair Clippy.

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