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Trend Alert: Longer Tees and Tops for Girls


Plaid Jumper with Bootcut Jeans

Plaid Jumper with Bootcut Jeans

Tees and tops are getting longer this year. Skip the cropped tops; say goodbye to bare bellies and hello to in-style longer tees and tops. Moms and dads of America can rejoice in knowing that this year's tops are long, flowing, modest and pretty.

But just because they are modest does not mean they aren't extra cool. This season, rejoice and celebrate being a girl by choosing tops that are pretty, feminine and oh-so stylish.

For 2008, shop for longer shirts that to or past her hips. The silhouette this year is loose and sweet, look for tops with empire waists, babydoll tops and tunics.

For a stylish look, get in touch with your inner girl and choose muted pastel patterns such as forals and plaids. For a fun and fresh spring look, mix and match patterns.

This look really benefits from layering. Some great looks are:
  • a long-sleeved top under a jumper
  • a shorter tee over a longer tee
  • a cropped layering piece over her swinging tee
  • babydoll top over capri length leggings
  • empire-waisted top with skinny jeans
  • a girly jumper over bootcut jeans

The look featured here is available at LimitedToo.com.
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