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Trend Alert: Leggings for Girls are Back in Style

The Return of Leggings


BTrend Alert: Leggings for Girls are Back in Style

Girls' Leggings Under Shorts by 77kids

Michelle Kouzmine
Girls' leggings are here to stay! Leggings for girls have become a kids' fashion staple. They look great paired up with a long top or under a dress or a skirt. And they are super comfy!

What kind of leggings are in demand?

Especially popular right now are capri length leggings. These cropped leggings are the ones that most girls will be asking for this season; lengthwise, they should stop either just below the knee or at mid-calf.

Ankle length leggings are cool too, and are a wise choice for the start of spring when it's still brisk outside. But, forget about full footed leggings or stirrup styles.

Girls are choosing monochromatic leggings and sticking mostly with neutrals such as black, grey, brown, beige and white. For interest, lace trimmed leggings are stylish as are leggings with touches of sparkle in the fabric or other fun features.

What should she wear with her leggings?

For a great look that will be huge this year, pair leggings up with a pair of shorts, or stay traditional with skirt or a dress. Long, babydoll tops, tunics, empire-waisted or drop-waisted dresses paired with leggings look modern and fresh. Or, she can go 80s retro, and wear them with a long, straight shirt that covers her backside. Steer clear of cropped shirts with leggings for older girls.
Pair black leggings up with brightly colored tops and dresses for a eye-popping look. Get crazy and go bold with colors like hot pink, lime, red and electric blue.

What Footwear should she wear with her leggings?

Choose flat shoes that do not require socks like ballet flats, a sporty pair of Mary Janes, slip-on athletic shoes or sandals.
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