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Trend Alert : Camouflage Printed Fashions for Girls


Ivy & Moon Camouflage Hoody

Ivy & Moon Camouflage Hoody

For a cool and fun look this winter, look for some camouflaged items made just for girls. Yes, camouflage is cool again! This year, look for traditional camo-prints as well as non-traditional camouflages like pink camouflage and pseudo-flages, camouflage-like patterns made from interesting objects like butterflies, flowers, teddy bears and more.

Camouflage Printed Tops

The easiest way to put some camouflage into her wardrobe is with a camo-printed tee or other top. These are really popular this year and quite easy to find.
Some of my favorites are:

Camouflage Printed Pants

For a bigger impact go with a pair of camouflaged pants. They are actually more practical than you might think. Pair them up with a basic tee, and she'll have an outfit to impress. If she wants to go for a layered look, choose two colors in the camouflage and get a tee in each color. Girl it up with some fun accessories like a metallic belt, ballet flats, bangles or fun hat.
Some cute camouflage pants:

Camouflage Printed Skirts

To really make camouflage girly, grab a camo-printed skirt. This is one of the cutest looks this year. This look is totally hot for girls, but it could fizzle by spring. So don't invest in an expensive skirt, rather choose one that is as affordable as it is adorable.
Check out these cute and well-priced camouflaged skirts:

Camouflage Printed Shoes

Add some pizazz to her outfit with some camouflage printed shoes. Camo-printed shoes are so much fun and really in-style.
Snag some fun camouflage printed shoes like these:
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