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Get the Preppy Look


Preppy Girl

Preppy Girl in Lacoste available at Nordstrom

Courtesy of Nordstrom.com
The Preppy Look is back. Parents who fondly remember sporting Polo shirts, cable cord sweaters and deck shoes will rejoice in dressing their kids in updated versions of classic preppy wear. The look has changed a bit over the last 20 years; the fits are more modern and the color palate is vibrant and exciting.

What She'll Need for the Look

Polo Shirt
It's as popular as ever, and even better than you remember. The classic Polo shirt can now be custom made from her favorite colors for a look she'll love. Visit polo.com and in four easy steps, you can design your very own Polo shirt.

Rugby Shirt
A brightly colored stripped Rugby shirt with a contrasting white collar looks preppy cool. Forget the old Ruby shirts that were always in nautical colors like navy, red and white; today’s Rugby’s come in lime, pink, orange, bright yellow and fuchsia.

Cable Cord or Argyle Sweater
These classic sweaters look fantastic whether she's wearing one over a tee or tied around her waist. Any color will do, so grab a few in her favorite tones. Is she a pastel girl or a bright and funky kid? Choose colors according to her look and personality and you can't go wrong. Cable cord and argyle sweaters come in a variety of necklines such as V-neck, zip-up, crew neck and turtleneck, all look great. For spring, choose a light weight cotton sweater.

Tennis Inspired Dress
You remember these dresses right? They usually had an alligator or an image of a man playing polo embroidered on them. Well, there are back as well, and they are super cute for girls. Think beyond white and choose a dress in a more exciting color. Have her wear the dress with her cable cord sweater around her shoulders, some white socks and an adorable pair of squeaky clean tennis shoes for an innocent and fun look.

Ditch the jeans and pull out a pair of crisply ironed chinos, or dress the outfit up even more with a great pair of slacks. For achieving the Preppy Look, her pants should be straight-legged and fit as if they were tailored to fit her body, but not too tightly. Capris also look adorable paired up with a Polo shirt.

Choosing Accessories

Look for clean lines that express simplicity over frilliness when choosing accessories for the Preppy Look. Items to look for:
  • Ribbon Belt
  • Simple Hair Ribbons
  • Stud Earrings
  • White Fold-over Socks

Choosing Footwear

Choose from classic preppy shoes like:
  • Deck Shoes
  • Impeccably White Tennis Shoes
  • Monogrammed Ballet Flats
  • Slip-On Boat Shoes

Shopping for the Preppy Look

  • Ralph Lauren Polo
    The classic American designer is still number one when it comes to designing preppy styles for the entire family. This year they’ve added lots of great colors and have a wide selection of items for girls, boys and their parents.
  • Nordstrom
    Nordstrom has a great selection of your favorite preppy brands such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Juicy Couture and more.

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