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Getting the Fun and Funky Look


Fun and Funky Socks

Fun and Funky Socks

The Fun and Funky Look is for the girl who has loads of personality and loves to stand out in the crowd. The best thing about this look is that it has no rules, limits or boundaries because it's all about expressing her true personality. Achieving this look is easy; have fun pairing up patterns, bright colors and fun accessories to come up with a look that is 100% original.

What She'll Need for the Look

Fun Tops
Any kind of top will work so long as it's fun, bright and interesting. A plain top works if you are pairing it up with something else that is patterned. Let her pick her favorite design and look. Choose tees that have funny sayings or graphics. Layer pieces over one another for a look that has more depth.

Pants, Skirts or Shorts
Basic denim can be jazzed up with some personalization like worn-in holes at the knee or embellishments. Denim skirts are great for this look because it gives the wearer an opportunity to show off her funky socks and footwear.

Tights or Socks
Funky tights or socks are so much fun. My favorite are striped tights in wild colors. Look around for fun patterned tights and socks in bright colors, fun patterns or interesting textures.

Whatever Else She Likes
Anything she feels helps to express her fun and funky attitude is fair game for this look.

Choosing Accessories

Just about anything goes towards accessorizing a fun and funky outfit. Accessories are key to achieving this look. Some suggestions are:
  • Sequined Sashes
  • Brightly Colored Handbags or Backpacks
  • Hats
  • Ties
  • Make-it Yourself Jewelery
  • Shoelace Nametags or Baubles
  • Badges and Pins

Choosing Footwear

Choose fun shoes in bright colors like traditional Chuck Taylor All-stars, funky boots, funky pair of Mary Janes are too cute. For warmer months, pick up some cool sandals and flip flops in bright colors.

Shopping for the Fun and Funky Look

  • Little Miss Matched
    Head on over to Little Miss Matched, the store where nothing matches but everything goes. This online shop embodies the Fun and Funky Look!
  • Hanna Andersson
    Hanna Andersson makes adorable, fun, funky and bright clothes for kids. Check out their exciting patterns and color palates which are updated with each season.
  • Anywhere
    The Fun and Funky girl can find exciting pieces just about anywhere. She can take a basic tee from Wal-mart and pair it up with an awesome premium denim skirt from Nordstrom.com and a pair of unique rain boots that her mom ordered online.

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