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Fashion Trend Alert : Asian Inspired Fashions for Kids

Asian Inspired Fashions for Kids


I Love Daddy/Mommy Tees

I Love Mommy/Daddy Tees from Ginger & Scallion

Courtesy of Ginger & Scallion
Looking for stylish, interesting and unique clothes that will set your kid apart from the crowd? Yes? Then look east and snap up some Asian inspired fashions for kids.

Ginger & Scallion

Ginger and Scallion is a New York based online boutique featuring eastern inspired children's clothing. Taking inspiration from Asia, their clothes for infants and toddlers are interesting, beautiful and delightfully stylish. From tees featuring Chinese calligraphy to kimono inspired wrap dresses, Ginger and Scallion merges quality kids' clothes with eastern beauty to create unique fashions for kids.

My Top Picks:
  • Lucky Wang I Love Daddy/Mommy Raglan Tees
    Expand your child's world with these tees that say "I love Daddy" and "I love Mommy" in Chinese! Perfect for girls and boys; choose from red or blue raglan tees.
  • Tea - Dragon Pant Boys'
    How cool are these cargo pants made from herringbone twill and featuring an ornate dragon embroidery? I just love them.
  • Katybird - Goldfish Long Sleeve Tee
    What a simple, stylish tee for a hip little girl. I love the colorful Asian applique on this better-than-basic white tee.
  • TEA - Kimono Robe for Girls and Boys
    This rib knit sweater coat is lovely for girls or boys. And, a mom's size sweater is available too. Choose from Heather Gray or Walnut Brown.


Lunarbaby.com features Chinese zodiac tees that are so adorable and so much fun; use the site's chart to see in which animal year your little ones were born in, and then shop Lunar Baby's selection of corresponding tees. The tees' graphics feature cute, fingerprint animals for each of the Chinese zodiacs as well as a short description of the zodiac's typical personality. Have a look, I'm sure you'll find them adorable, clever and fun.

My Top Picks:

Fortune Tee

Fortune Tees are fun, novelty tees for babies, kids, expectant moms and dads. These adorable shirts come packaged in Chinese take-out containers and sport hilarious sayings inspired by fortune cookie fortunes. Fortune Tees have become a favorite with hip moms and dads including celebrities like Heidi Klum and Julia Roberts.
My Top Picks:

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