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Top 8 Bargain Easter Clothes for Boys and Girls


Easter is right around the corner, so it's time to find the perfect outfit for your favorite little ones. Would you like to dress them in something special, but without spending a fortune? Well, then look no further. I've found super deals on some adorable Easter outfits for boys and girls.

1. The Perfectly Dressed Spring Dresses at Target

Choose from a wide variety of sweet spring dresses from Perfectly Dressed by Target. You are sure to find just what you are looking for with over 15 adorable choices, all for under $25.00. What a deal!
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Don't forget about little brother. He'll look great, all spiffed up in his sweater vest set, also by Perfectly Dressed. With prices starting at just $10.99, these 3-piece outfits are hard to pass up.
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3. Van Heusen Fashion Color Dress Shirt and Tie

For just $13.99 you can get him a precoordinated shirt and tie that will make dressing up easy for any boy. Choose from several color and pattern combinations. And, because boys will be boys, the shirts are pretreated with Teflon.


This floral dress by The Children's Place is an explosion of spring flowers and polka-dots. She'll love this dress, and you will too, especially since it's only $16.99 for toddler sizes and $19.99 for big girl sizes.

5. The Perfectly Preppy Boys' Outfit from Old Navy

Old Navy has put together a great look complete with a small price tag. This 3 piece outfit for older boys is a real bargain: the sweater short-sleeved polo is a deal at $6.99; the cargo pants are on sale for $15.00; and even the slip-on sneakers cost a mere $14.50.

6. Boys' V-Neck Rugby Sweater by The Children's Place

This classic sweater looks modern with vibrant and fun spring colors. He'll look fantastic in his rugby sweater paired up with a pair of crisply ironed khakis. The sweater, from The Children's Place, is available for $24.50 for larger sizes and only $19.50 for toddler sizes.

7. George - Boys' 3-Piece Sets

Wal-mart is offering a several 3-piece boys' sets that would be perfect for Easter. Each set includes a sweater vest, a button down top, and a pair of dress pants (the infant sizes offer dress shorts). Total price? $19.83.
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8. Boys' Solid Color Dress Shirt with Tie and Handkerchief

He'll be ready to go for Easter or any special occasion with this shirt and tie combination. Choose from 4 spring-colored tie and shirt combinations. At just $11.00 for the set, this is really a bargain.
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