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Crocs for Back to School 2008: Kids' School Shoes

New Crocs and Classic Crocs for School


Kids are clamouring for Crocs this back to school season, and they have pleanty of looks to choose from. Crocs has expanded their kids' line way beyond the iconic Cayman shoes. From Mary Janes to character shoes to all-terrain shoes, Crocs has a style for everyone. I'll show you what styles will be hot for Back to School 2008 and where you can get them.

Crocs Kids Cayman

Back to School Shoes Crocs
Crocs' now iconic shoe, Crocs Cayman, caused a foot fashion sensation. But, these super-popular shoes were just the beginning, so keep reading to see what cool new styles Crocs has for Back to School 2008.

Buy Direct: Crocs Kids Cayman at shoebuy.com

Crocs Kids Hannah Montana Mary Jane

Back to School Shoes Crocs
Destined to be the absolute, number one, favorite pair of shoes for Back to School 2008, the Crocs Kids Hannah Montana Mary Janes are hot. She'll love the sparkly grape and silver color combo, and she'll go totally crazy for the Hannah Montana graphics.

Buy Direct: Crocs Kids Hannah Montana Mary Janes at zappos.com

Crocs Girl's Alice

Back to School Shoes Crocs
Dressy enough for the classroom and comfy enough for the playground, these new Crocs for girls are sure to be a hit. The Alice Crocs feature a slimmer design that is ideal for girls with small or thin feet. They look great with dresses, jeans and even school uniforms. Choose from seven colors; ruby, electric blue, black, chocolate, grape, berry and cotton candy.

Buy Direct: Crocs Girl's Alice at piperlime.com

Crocs Kids Wall-E Cayman

Back to School Shoes Crocs
If your little one went crazy for Disney/Pixar's Wall-E, he'll go nuts-and-bolts for these cute Crocs Kids Wall-E Caymans. These charming Crocs feature Wall-E graphics, and even the air holes are embossed with little Wall-E robots.

Buy Direct: Crocs Kids Wall-E Caymans at zappos.com

Crocs Kids Mammoth

Back to School Shoes Crocs
These fuzzy, soft Crocs are ideal for back to school. They are extra comfortable, keep little feet warm and they look pretty darn cute too.

Buy Direct: Crocs Kids Mammoth at piperlime.com

Crocs Kids Axle

Back to School Shoes Crocs
These all weather shoes are ready for action. The Crocs Kids Axle have a rugged look that boys love. He'll wear these shoes playing, hiking, running and for just looking cool. Choose from several camouflage color combos.

Buy Direct: Crocs Kids Axle at zappos.com

Crocs Kids Pelican

Back to School Shoes Crocs
Crocs Kids Pelicans are specifically designed for adventure seeking toddlers. These full-coverage shoes easily slip on and off, yet stay on even the busiest of little feet. Choose from toddler friendly designs such as Tigger Pelicans and Pink Pooh Pelicans, or get back to basics with several solid color choices.

Buy Direct: Crocs Kids Pelican at zappos.com
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