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Boys' Stocking Stuffers


Accessories make perfect stocking stuffers. Generally smaller in size and expense than a new outfit, they are also powerful. Picture a boy in khaki pants, a white button down shirt, and basic sneakers. Now add metallic wings to his shoes and bright orange headphones around his neck. . . . Those two small changes amount to a big style statement.

Here are 10 cool accessories, from the revolutionary Hickies elastic lacing system to a playful adhesive mustache pack. Keep Sis in mind as you look over these picks, and check out the girls' stocking stuffers for more tattoo options.


HICKIES elastic lacing system turns laced shoes into slip-ons. The material is durable and resilient, and one size fits all shoes, so one set of HICKIES can be moved between shoes as kids grow. In addition to being practical and efficient, the look is sleek, and the color range is extensive, from basic black to vibrant turquoise and orange.

This little stocking stuffer could revolutionize the morning rush.

2. Kidz Gear Kid Control Volume Limit Headphones

© Kidz Gear
Headphones are hardly inconspicuous, so outfit him with a pair that he'll be proud to wear. Among kids, big headphones are as much (or more) about the look as the performance. The market is ripe with high dollar options, but in addition to being attractive, Kidz Gear headphones are durable, comfortable, and affordable.

They also have a parental volume control feature. If you decide on a brand that doesn't, see if your device has such a setting. Older kids will probably be able to reset everything on their own, so teach them well.

Buying for siblings? Take advantage of the options and color code each kid.

3. Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves

© Pearl Izumi
Is there a new bike under the tree? Add a pair of cycling gloves to protect his hands from the cold and wind.

4. Adhesive Mustaches

© Accoutrements
Girls have hair accessories, guys have facial hair. Mustaches, in particular, are the male accessory du'jour, especially on the heels of Movember. Regardless of his fad awareness level, he'll have fun trying on these styling 'staches.

Mustache styles include: Hollywood, Hero, Square, Bruiser, Weasel, Sheriff, and Grandpa.

5. Grippy Socks

© J.Crew
Neon bear claws gives these no-slip socks just enough flair to be fun, while the traditional marled cotton keeps them from going over the top.

6. Monster and Animal Hand Tattoos

© Worldwide Co. Educational Products
These cleverly designed hand tattoos are at once a theatrical dress up element and an unconventional fashion statement.

The animal set includes birds, sharks, zebras, giraffes, cows, alligators, tigers and bumblebees.

The monster set includes monsters with various colors and designs.

7. Lumberjack Beanie Beard

© Chasing Fireflies
Compact hats of any sort are a good pick, but this lumberjack beanie with a detachable beard is at once practical and fantastical. Equally fabulous for warmth, imagination and hilarity.

8. Shwings Shoe Wings

© Shwings
Shwings are fabric wings that can be added to any shoes. Instant superhero. Instant swag. Instant style.

Choose between slot (for velcro straps) or lace versions, a myriad of colors and flat, glitter and foil fabrics.

9. Holiday Specs 3D Glasses

© Holiday Specs
Holiday Specs' inexpensive holographic lenses turn ordinary lights into magical images. Choose between angels, reindeer, snowmen, and Santa.

10. Timex Camper Watch with Interchangeable Strap

© J. Crew
Have a mud loving, rough-and-tumble jelly fan? The rugged water-resistant straps of this classic Timex Camper watch will handle most challenges, and when the situation calls for deeper cleaning (or he's just in the mood for a change), he can easily swap out the straps. Glow-in-the-dark luminescent hands add to the cool factor.


  • orange
  • pink
  • navy, linen, persimmon
  • spearmint, blue
  • blue, ivory
  • lime, navy

Disclosure: Some manufacturers provided samples for review. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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